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9/11 Never Forget.

Where were you when the planes struck the towers?


  • I was at home on my day off. I got a phone call from my brother to turn on the TV to see what was happening.
  • Working school traffic.
  • I was on my way to work, didnt know it had happened untill i marked in service and was adviced by the dispatcher that all Sgt's and above were to report to the sheriffs office for a meeting.
  • Well this will make some of you guys feel old...I was in my 10th grade algebra II class. Not to mention it was my mother's birthday.
  • jkastens, going along with the theme of making people feel old, (hehe sorry guys!) i was in 6th grade history class taking a test! and it was my parents anniversary.
  • At work watching news...
  • if i am correct, i was in 3rd grade, i had no idea about what happened until i got home after school..
  • I was on leave from the Army in Southern NJ, I was police escorted through Baltimore Harbor and I was posted at Fort McNair, Washington D.C. and I assisted in the recovery of soldiers from the Pentagon as well as pulled LE security details all through out Ft. Myer and surrounding areas. I am a Veteran, Honorably discharged from the US Army Military Police Corps. Of The Troops And For The Troops! God Bless our Police, Fire, EMS, Military personnel who contributed in the 9/11 disaster. We couldn't have done what we did without a combined effort. Thank You!
  • Working a UC gig in Springfield, NJ
  • Working, dealing black jack to a bunch of assholes who just didn't give a F!
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  • I was heading up to Fort Belvoir and Fort Myer for my work when I saw the smoke plume coming up from the Pentagon! I made it into Fort Belvoir, but wasn't able to get back into Fort Myer for over a month since it pretty much sits in the Pentagon's backyard.
  • Sleeping working mid-nights.... oh joy
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