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Hows that no gun law working out for you !

people seem to think taking guns out of the equation is going to protect the average joe citizen ....WRONG ANSWER! all you have done is given criminals will and motive and knocked your happy ass down to the bottom of the food chain .....and when you get into jam if you get the chance to make it to the phone who do you call ??? ding ding thats right us the good guys with guns tell me now how that no gun law thing is working out for you ...oh and the next person that calls the AR an assult rifle I am going to stab in the eye ...and the next one that says AR stands for assult rifle is getting my foot shoved up there ass you home work before you open your mouth better to be quiet then to open your mouth and remove all doubt !!!


  • I am tired about hearing about all of this gun law crap. That won't stop the problem at all. How about putting the money into finding background checks for legal purchases of firearms, mental health system overhauls, and Law Enforcement. Put an SRO in each school through a federal grant.

    The other funny part about this whole thing is that all the attention is being placed on the gun stuff. What about the debt ceiling, the fact that we are all paying more in taxes right now, and the economy isn't getting any better.
  • amen to that couldnt have said it better myself ! we can thank the sheep people for that one and the mental midget that gor re elected for president again .....dam morons . yea guns walked out on there own and started using people as target practice . i have been a cop for over 9 years and you can come take my guns when you pry them from my cold dead fingers . its not the weapon its the monster that pulls the trigger with ill will !!
  • Take away the way and there is still a way. Where there is a will there is a way. Take away the will and they won't need a way. It is as simple as that.

    And when you can't take away the will.....harden the target enough and the will will stay just that...a will.
  • Yep exactly !!! .......sheep people at its best ...
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    It's amazing how fast the media leaches get a hold of shit ......then put there own spin on it
  • Actually keep violent criminals in jail? Oh wait that isn't kind or gentle.
  • Lol no shit ! Bunch of mental midgets ....people seriously need to get with the program
  • Just remember, GlockGirl - Life is too short to dance with stupid people.
  • Very well said mountain cop !! Sometimes I do just for the entertainment value ;) keeps me on my toes !
  • A real assault rifle is very expensive on the civilian market. Super thorough background check....multiple tax stamps for a legal transferable machine gun and a lot of states don't allow them the press carries on the anti gun BS calling them assault rifles. My 1973 semi auto Remington hunting rifle firing 30-06 packs a more devastating punch than my AR15. Oh wait that's right it only carries 8 rounds so its ok......
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  • Lmao .....yep or the ass hats that think ar stands for asult rifle !!! ...
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    Personally, I'm getting sick of the "Why do you need it?" argument. It should be enough that I want it and can afford it. I feel the same way about fully automatic weapons. A fully automatic weapon is fun as shit to shoot. People seem to think that "sport" refers only to hunting. Recreational shooting is also sport.

    I've got friends who are car enthusiests. I'm not, really. For me, a car is just transportation. Now, if I could afford it I would love to drive an Aston-Martin, just because. But my friends who love cars always brag about how fast their cars are. "I've suped this baby up to where in can do 180!" Why does anyone need a car that can do 180? That's about 100 MPH more than you can legally drive anywhere. That's not the point. The point is, they want it and should be allowed to have it. Now, if they do 180 on a freeway, that's against the law and they are punished. But you can go to a track and do 180 all day long, and that's your right. It's fun. I can go to a range and shoot 5,000 rounds out of a fully automatic weapon if I so choose and can afford the ammunition. That's also my right. Now, if I take that weapon and kill somebody, that's illegal and I will be punished. It shouldn't be against the law to own anything. It should only be against the law to violate THE LAW! We have too many laws in this country as it is. If I want to buy a suppressor to protect my hearing on the range, I shouldn't have to pay the government $200 just for the privelege of buying one. There are legal purposes for every product. No one makes a product for purely illegal purposes. If I can go into a head shop and buy a bong, I should be able to go into a gun shop and buy a suppressor. I've seen lots of bongs and I've never seen tobacco residue in any of them. Yet they don't require a tax stamp and background check to buy one.
  • Amen, everyone!!
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