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Anybody from TN on here? I'm from a small department Northeast TN.


  • yea man. im down in west tn thought. stay safe up there
  • If the wind is from the south, I can throw a rock and hit St. Joseph TN, in Lawrence County. I'm just south of there in Lauderdale County AL.
  • I'm in Lebanon, TN. Just arrested a drunk driver who crashed his car in the parking lot of the pd! How stupid are some people? Lol
  • Haha!!! Lpd, it amazes me how stupid some people are.
  • I'm from south middle Tennessee in Wayne County anyone around this area on here?
  • Lawman what part of Lauderdale County Al. are you from I live in Collinwood.;
  • Anybody POST certified but not working? My dept is hiring soon and would prefer certified individuals to hire.
  • Upper East TN here....
  • West TN here small department
  • I'm not a LEO but I am the Field Supervisor for a security firm and we cover all of east Tennessee. I have a lot of LEO friends and I will always give a hand to an Officer when they need it.
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