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New. Officer to be!

I'm a female that's about to turn 20, I will be putting in a application for Raleigh, NC Police Department on Wednesday. I will start Raleigh's academy hopfully around september.(Finally old enough) Any advice or Information would be helpful about the academy or work? :)


  • Congrats.

    You are about to enter an amazing journey. It doesn't get any better than police work. I have over 10 years on and I still love going in.

    In the academy:

    Study, Study, Study (study groups are best)
    Become a human sponge and retain as much info as you can from your instructors.

    DON'T BE LATE and make sure your daily uniform is perfect, everyday.

    You will have no life while in the academy. Do not drink and no going to parties, etc. you can't afford to miss even an hour of instruction. It's only for a few months. Absolutely EVERYTHING should be dedicated to the academy.

    If your agency allows it, ask for a police radio. Listen to it while driving to and from and whenever you have any downtime. One of the hardest obstacles for new cops is learning the radio (codes, signals, etc). You wanna get a head start on that.

    Oh, and HAVE FUN!

    Be safe out there.
  • Thanks! I appreciate the Information! I love criminal justice and police work, and will do everything I can to learn as much information as I can. Thanks for the advice, I will keep this In mind, always.

    You be safe out there too!
  • FIrst and foremost, start running and doing pushups..That is one less thing you will have to worry about...I dont know about your academy, but in California our academy was 28 weeks and that was 14 years ago....Just be mentally and physically prepared because initially it is very demanding and you will be exhausted...that is where the fun starts...give yourself about 10 weeks and things should start to settle down begin to feel a little familiar....Never go anywhere alone. Things are done in pairs and volunteer for everything....Tact staff tend to pick on those that dont voluteer. Good luck!!!! No partying for at least 2 years...get passed probation as well
  • I just recently been out of the academy for 5 months now and I have been solo on the streets for a few weeks now. I have to say this is job is like no other. You have to commit your life to this. It took a strain on my family while in the academy but it is worth it. But remember after you get out of the academy its not over. You have to do an FTO program and basically prove yourself to the shift you can do this job. It pays off though. Good luck.
  • Thanks for the advice! I love push-ups! and working on the running. I'm not the drinking, and partying type, luckily. I have been preparing using the Cooper physical fitness standards. I'm going for Raleigh, NC police, they hold their own academy and their academy is roughly about 7 months, for BLET combined with special Raleigh Training. I'm completely ready to commit my life to this, there is nothing else I'd rather do. I'm determined.

    I really appreciate the advice, I just turned in my application packet last Monday!
  • Like others said, the academy will become your life, study hard, dont party until the end. Watch out for the "I know it all or been there/done that" students. Truth be told, they most likely have not and dont really know. If you can and havent attended college, try a community college course, especially a course in criminal laws.

    Once you start working, listen to your training officer. Show up a little early for your shift and study something (dept. policy, city ordinances, maps, etc). Go to as much training as you can, even if your department sends you to training, find more. Keep water and granola bars handy in case you are really busy.

    Good luck, and have fun.
  • edited 22 Feb 2013
    Yes, this is my last semester in getting my Associate's degree in Criminal Justice Technology. I will be studying hard, I want it to be my life.

    Thanks alot for the advice! I really appreciate it
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