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Patches and a new officer

Hello all,
I am a new officer that was hired two weeks ago and I was going to start collecting various patches from departments around the state here in WI and/or other states. I figured I'd post a discussion on here and see if I can get any type of response to whether some of you would be willing to help a fellow brother out. If you're willing to help please post on here or send me a personal message!

Thanks and everyone be safe.



  • I'll be glad to swap. Send me an address and I'll get back to you asap. Welcome aboard.
    If you don't mind some advice from an old tired 30 year veteran....keep your mouth shut until you've been there at least a year or so, and never tell a lie no matter how much it hurts or embarrasses you. Good luck and stay safe
  • Yes I've been told that. Any time I've been told how to do something or told to do something I just say okay and listen! I make occasional jokes when prompted because we all get along well and joke with each other since we are a close group of guys! Thank you for the tip sir!
  • Welcome aboard brother, I'll be glad to trade patches with you. Message me and let me know where you want me to sent it. I also agree with oldschoolpolice, keep your mouth shut and do what they tell you to do. But, also back each other out on TS, never know when your back up or even you will save each others lives.
  • Just for everyone's info...I would have to retrieve more patches from department before I could trade so if you guys are still willing to send some my way that'd be awesome. Otherwise you guys would have to wait! :/ I apologize
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