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Duty belt?

Do you carry anything extra on your belt if so what is it and is it a useful tool?

And does anyone think 4 pairs of cuffs on a duty belt is to many? 1 double case in the front and 2 in the back.


  • I carry a flashlight on my belt. Always have a useful flashlight, or two, around because it sure beats reaching into dark places where you can't see. Also, you never know when you will have to go into a building and the power is off.

    I think that we, as modern law enforcement officers, really need to consider carrying more ammo than we do now. Yes, with a glock you can carry 46 rounds with you.

    Consider this, in the first 10 minutes in the Beslan incident, each Spetnaz troop shot over 1,000 rounds. In an extended incident 46 rounds won't last too long.

    Think of this ex-LAPD officer and what may have happened if two officers were in an extended firefight with him.

    Professionalism means that you stay current or ahead of current trends. This world is changing. I remember when patrol rifles were unheard of for road units. It is becoming the norm.
  • This is what I carry. Gun, two extra mags, 1 set of cuffs, flashlight, oc, cell phone, key holder, taser, flashlight, radio, and Leatherman tool, oh and a pager case with gloves in it. All is carried in the front, NOTHING but the flashlight ring in the center of my back. You stand a real good chance of having back problems in your career.
  • How do you get away with only one pair of handcuffs?
  • In 13 years I have only ever needed more than one pair once..

    I guess maybe I don't arrest enough people :)
  • Ah, but it doesn't matter how many pairs you carry if you have to arrest a one armed man. (Think about it)
  • Leather- From front center around clockwise OC Spray, sm flashlight, double cuff case, service weapon, ASP, single cuff, glove pouch, single cuff case, radio, X26 Taser, mag pouch

    Nylon- Same order, Double cuff case, service weapon, ASP, glove pouch, radio, X26 Taser, Single Mag Pouch.

    And my shoulder goes around my lower back and clip on in front on chest.
  • weed_npd193

    My kinda set up!
  • I've had that setup since I was in the academy and I'll never go away from it
  • I was routing my shoulder mic through my epilet and clipping it to my chest but that proved to be too much of a pain in the ass so now I just route it around my back and clip it to my chest as well. The epilet thing turned out to be not only a pain but utterly needless as well
  • @wilavitt that's exactly why I started doing it
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  • Click wise- single cuff case, duty weapon, single cuff case, nothing at 6oclock. Other side, flashlight ring, radio, oc spray, double mag pouch.
  • Unfortunately my department does not have tasers :( oh well lol
  • I've been on numerous situations where I have had to place more than three people in cuffs. My belt is fairly simple co carry my gun digital recorder oc 2 spare mags with my kabar attached to my mag case taser asp flashlight radio and two pairs of cuffs. I'm my duty bag I have three spare mags for my sidearm, multiple boxes of shells for the shotgun. 4 spare m4 mags and I keep two different carabiners with 4 cuffs on each one so I can grab and go if necessary. On top of that I have about 8 pairs of flex cuffs also in my duty bag. In my m4 bag I also have 4 spare mags as well as my primary mag. My car is coolly referred to as the armory.
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