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Detroit Coach shoots suspected attackers outside High School

DETROIT – A young man is dead and another is seriously injured after a shooting during an attempted robbery of a basketball coach near a Detroit high school. reports that a 70-year-old coach for the girl's basketball team at Martin Luther King Junior High School was walking two students to their cars at the school when the shooting occurred.

When one of the suspected robbers reportedly pulled a gun, the coach allegedly fired back, fatally shooting 16-year-old Michael Scott and injuring the other person, according to

Priscilla Scott, Michael's mother, told that her son didn't own a gun.

The coach is reportedly a police reserve officer and has a permit to carry a gun.


  • No shit, at 16 years old nobody can own a gun; doesn't mean he didn't have one. When are parents going to realize that their little angels aren't always little angels?
  • When parents actually take notice of what their little angels are up to..
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