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Difficult for female LEO to date

It seems like most female cops are married to cops. But the remaining female officers that are still single, have a hard time dating and remain single the for longest time...I have a lot of female officer friends that are great looking, hard working, goal oriented, dedicated smart women like myself but yet have trouble dating. And no I am not bossy (outside of work that is) lol.

I have come to a conclusion that mpst men don't like women in positions of authority at all let alone the sort of authority a cop has. It's one thing to be the CEO of Avon and another to be a gun totting ass kicking female cop. I guess most men are either intimidated or have a problem with authority.


  • As a dude, I find chicks in uniform the ticket :) That being said, I think there is a bit of a stereotype that goes along with the intimidation. That is a lot of guys think that in order for a female to be a cop, they must be a lesbian. Now that could be just an excuse to cover up them being intimidated, but I hear it from women as well. Not saying it is right, just an observation.
  • Very true. It's just complicated for females to date that are in LE. I have plenty of female friends from different depts that are straight, single and hard working. It's always guys trying to prove them selves when there is nothing to prove. I look completely different when I'm not in uniform and so do other friends I know.

    They just assume we are either lesbian or bu because its a tough career that not all females can put up with.
  • If a guy is intimidated or do not like women in LE, they are crazy. There are so many reasons why it would be better to have a spouse or what ever in LE. For example, they would understand the stress of the job and what not, thus being able to help calm you down. Not only that, I personally think it would bring the two closer.
  • I think its all about the job. Has very little to do with your gender. I'm a single father working as a police officer on evening shift. Hours aren't normal and days off don't exactly line up with ANYONE elses. So dating seems impossible for me too. I'm a great guy and an excellent father. Raised my daughter her entire life (9years) so far by myself. But the job and hours are hard for most people to handle.
  • Hmmm sounds like Jgreen needs a date (hint hint). Girl I have to agree with you. I am LEO for 27 years and came into the job as a single mom. I dated a few guys, but none tallied up. I am not lesbian or bi, and I too had a hard time dating. If your young the guys don't usually care, but if they feel just the smallest bit outdone, (ie when you go to places they don't really care what he does because your job is so AWESOME..........) they run. I too married another officer. We have the best relationship and understanding of each other's pressures. Plus we get to swap war stories! Don't give up! What you have to do is set your priorities, and STICK TO THEM! I was adamant about my daughter liking my new guy and getting along with him (she was 14 at the time), he had to be successfull and also love his job, and we had to have a few shared interests. I stuck by those and found a wonderful man when I was in my late 30's. We've been married for 7 years. I inhereted his daughters too. I love them to death and would not change a thing about our family. Did I have to compromise on some things? Yes, but I am sure he did too. (We are complete polar opposites by the way)....but we even each other out. Best of luck too you!!!
  • I filed for divorce right after I graduated from the academy and the guys at work were chomping at the bit to date me....not my thing- Thought that would be awkward after it ended. Single with 2 kids ( and plenty of friends with benefits for) for 9 years till the right man, who was not intimidated, found me and had the nerve to ask me out... been married to him for 15 years now!

    Just wait, the right man will find you and it will work!
  • It is very hard. I married a co and now divorced from him. He has moved to a different agency. Now as a single women in Leo it's very hard bc I feel guy are intimided by me. Now I have found if your just looking for a hook up it's everywhere. Lol girl hang in there and know your not the only one.
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