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Should we ride with a partner for safety? Or run single man cars?

Since I have been a trooper we have always done one man cars. NYSP brass has always said it was to cover more ground and is cheaper then putting two in a car. Some departments (especially larger cities) run two man cars for safety... Anyone have thoughts on this?


  • I was always more aggressive two man knowing backup was there, but in that unit I picked my partner(s). A bad partner/chemistry could hamper too. For you guys I assume backup could be very far away and having backup right there could be essential. In patrol we typically ride 1 man but some supervisors like 2 especially on nights for that reason. I'm in a major city so geographic coverage isn't as much of an issue as say upstate NY. I'm not brass so i can say safety and two man is more important than coverage but no citizens call my phone complaining there are not enough police to go around.
  • Always felt two was safer and better then one, but as we all know, the job is not run by what is right but by politics. And politics always come back to money. And one is cheaper then two. What ever your situation is, be smart, be alert, be cautious and be safe.
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