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Police Officer at 18, Good or Bad Idea

I am an 18 year old and am wondering two things, 1. Good or bad idea to start applying to agencies that higher around 18 or 19? Is that too young? What are everyones thoughts? 2. What agencies in MI hire at 18? I know that Detroit as well as Wayne County Sheriffs does as well but am wondering what other places if anybody knows?


  • Was on the job in jersey back in the 70's when they did 18yo hiring for a while. They went back to 21 for a reason. 18 is just too young. You need more maturity. That being said, if they are hiring at 18 in Mi, you know you better than anyone. Follow your gut. Good luck.
  • I got on the job at 29. By then i was my own man..... Didn't get caught up in clicks on the job or do stupid shit giving the badge a bad name. Maturity helps in this job, but i have seen incredibly mature 18 year olds and stupid old men. The one thing you cannot replace is life experience though. The more you been through the more people you've dealt with it will help as a cop. If you feel you're mature enough and meet the requirements, but if you have any doubts wait, get at least an associates degree or military experience or work experience and build your references experiences.
  • I am split on the subject. On the one hand, if 18/19 yo get into our military and operate multi million dollar equipment, then why not be a LEO. But I also see the number of immature 18/19 yo out and about. Overall I say, go for it. There is testing to get hired for a reason - weeding out the "bad seeds".
  • And just to clarify I am going to get my associates and where I am going I can use the academy to complete my degree so I am planning to get my degree in CJ with Academy.
  • I think it depends on the person. I went to the Academy at 32 and I was with a lot of early 20's kids and some people my own age. I have to say there was WAY to much drama with the younger crowd. I think with a little bit of life experience under your belt you have a better understanding of things. In Ohio a lot of places are requiring BA degrees to even start at a department. Good luck with whatever you do.
  • Sounds too young to me... In NY we don't hire until 21. Technically, you wouldn't even be allowed into a bar to break up a fight. But at 18 years old I feel that you'd lack a respect by citizens and fellow officers.. I can't see some of the people I deal with listening to the orders of an 18 year-old... Maybe give it a few years. Good luck.
  • I began my law enforcement career as a correctional officer at a maximum security prison (Maine State Prison) when I was 19 years old. I am grateful for being hired, but if I had to, I wouldn't have hired me, if that makes any since. Reason being the majority of young men aren't mature enough for this line of work at that age. A little life experience will go a long way. I was forced to grow up quick when I was given those responsibilities.
  • i'm in ohio and you can get on in a village at 18, but it's mostly up to the chief if he will or not. a lot has to do with liability. i'm 19 and going through the academy right now and i'm hoping to find somewhere to hold my commission when i'm done even if it's just auxiliary.
  • This one really depends on the individual. I've seen very mature 18 year olds and I've seen 26 year olds that had absolutely no street sense. Where I was an officer the age was 21. I was 22 when hired. Was I ready for all I saw that first year, probably not but I grew up fast.

    I now doing the hiring for the security department of the local hospital. Our hiring age is 18 but I have not hired an 18 year old and I have not interviewed one I thought was ready for all they would encounter.
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