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Law Enforcement Bound

Good evening everyone. My name is Chris, and currently I attend Pikes Peak Community College in Colorado Springs, Colorado. My major is in Criminal Justice, and eventually I'm planning on getting aboard with the El Paso County Sheriff's Office once my degree is complete. Nice to meet you all in advance.


  • Welcome, good luck .
  • hello, Im also in community college in Greenville, North Carolina. My major is also Criminal Justice, and I'm trying to get on with Raleigh, NC Police.

    Good Luck!
  • Cool and good luck to you all! I will be attending a 4 year college majoring in criminal justice & criminology next fall and then I will be getting a job in Hertford, North Carolina as a town police officer or a sheriff's deputy. I am not sure yet which one I want to do. But I can't wait till that time comes around!!! Then after that I plan on trying to put in an application for the FBI's law enforcement division.
  • 132PQ, I'd recommend sheriff's deputy over anything else. I've learned that they typically have the most amount of things you can do - honor guard, jail, civil affairs, patrol and with my local sheriff's office, training academy. There's so much more that sheriff departments do than city police.
  • Just an opinion; if you're not too far along consider a different major guys. Any degree qualifies you and if you decide police work isn't for you, get burned out (everyone does at some point) are hurt and confined to a desk, etc... You're stuck with a very particular skill set and education. Leave yourself an out. Otherwise good luck.
  • I'm in my last semester for criminal justice, associate's degree only 2 months left. but I plan to go back for something different just in case something were to happen in my law enforcement career.
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