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Hi my name is Dawn and I am reaching out to an officer's law enforcement family.

Hi my name is Dawn and I am reaching out to an officer's law enforcement family. This is a benefit fund for Deputy Paul Bridgewater and we are a group of friends who have set up this fund for him.

This is the short story of Paul Bridgewater.
Paul and wife, Gail were married just out of High School and have been now married for 25 years in April of 2013.
He joined the US Army and became part of the Military Police where he served four years. During his adventure in the military he served as a member of a guard force that protected the dismantling of nuclear missiles. Paul also served as a combat military police officer.
Paul and Gail were blessed with two boys while he was in the military with his youngest now serving in Afghanistan as a Military Police Officer.
In 1997 Paul attended the law enforcement academy at Drury College in Springfield Missouri. He has been in law enforcement for 14 years and his wife Gail is a 911 dispatcher.
In 2010 Paul was awarded the Missouri Police Lifesaving medal for his actions during a shooting of a domestic assault in a local city.
He has enjoyed his time as a police officer and a sheriff’s deputy and those that worked with him knew he had their backs.
In October of 2012 Paul was diagnosed with Stage IV Esophageal Cancer that has spread into his stomach, liver, kidney, and pericardia area. According to his Veteran Affairs Doctor he was exposed to massive doses of radiation while he was in the military, Paul is working with the VA to get this service connected, but that is a long process (As any government related paperwork is overwhelming). Since October 2012 he has been hospitalized three times due to complications. He has a great Doctor in Springfield, Missouri who is very aggressive with this type of cancer; treatments are going very well according to the Doctor.
He is now unemployed due to his illness but Sheriff Cole reassures Paul that when he is in remission he will have his job back. (All of us pray that this is going to happen). Until the wheels of government kick in with assistance that Paul needs our support (Financially and Morally) is needed. Paul now has to pay his own Cobra medical insurance along with all the other bills of medical that are piling up fast not to mention his day to day living expenses. Paul and Gail are a great couple and Gail’s salary is not enough to live on.

Please help support this man that has served his country and his community for so many years! NO donation is too small!


  • I am so disappointed.
    First off am I the only civilian on here? ... it sure seems so.
    Secondly I can't even figure out how to ask anyone for help. I have contacted almost every law enforcement agency that I can and I thought the law enforcement community was like one big family and could help an officer in trouble out. Guess I was wrong. Like I said, I am a civilian and try to support the law enforcement but you all don't seem to want to help one of your own. Seems to me my military family I knew as a kid is more bonding than the law enforcement families unless you all loose someone or have to use the code of silence. What the HECK have I missed? Boy has my bubble been busted.
  • I think the problem may lie in the ongoing frequent fraudsters who set up a website in the name of whomever and then run off with the money. We are suspicious by the nature of the job when we cannot verify. If you can provide paperwork verifying the legitimacy of the website It may help. This is not the forum most of us use for that either. It's more of a sounding board. Contact the Local FOP/ PBA and see about setting up a 501c for him through them and have them put it out. Their legitimacy will hold weight with out of Town Officers whom do not personally know this story. I have given to many other FOP PBA chapters in the past raising money for one of their own as well as mine. They can add a link to the webpage or Facebook page if they are tech savvy. Put an add in the National FOP quarterly. I hope that Offers some help.
  • I image so. THANKS So much for the input. The Bank here said we did not have to set up a 501c3 and I didn't have the funds to make that so anyway. I am volunteering my time and talents to do this for them because they deserve the help! So the bank set us up a federal ID number. How do you want me to verify the job I'd be happy to do so or anything else you want. The PayPal is set up to go straight to the Federal ID'd Account we set up at Metropolitan National Bank, Marshfield, MO I can give you their phone number to verify it as well. ANY thing to help this get going please! Just tell me what you need. Dawn
  • Just thinking out loud to myself and had to giggle.... What fool in their right mind would post on a law enforcement site and it be fraud..... But then again I guess ANYTHING is possible now a days. :(
  • I just spoke with the Bank and they said DO NOT GIVE out the Federal ID number because that's how the thieves get the money. But if I want I can give out their phone number and you all can call and verify the Benefit Account by asking is there a Paul T Bridgewater Benefit Fund Account.
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