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K-9 Bullet/Knife Proof Vests

edited 12 Mar 2013 in Ask a Officer
I had the opportunity to arrange for protective vests both in my area and another area in Illinois... The organization I went through is a non-profit agency... I was wondering why many departments say they don't have the funding for protection for their K-9's... I am aware the working dogs cost a great deal of money to purchase and train... A vest such as the one I stated previously costs roughly 1500.00. I have started a petition to raise awareness regarding this issue, but I will not post it here... Is there a possibility Departments in your areas can be urged to pay for this? K-9 units are put on the front line in criminal apprehension, drug enforcement, and other types of field work... Many officers would not go into these situations without bullet proof vests... Why are they not given the same protection?
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