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Keeping work from home

This is a big problem i have that i need some help with. im sure some of you more senior officers and even the officers that were once Military police can help me out with.

I am in the US Navy as a Master-At-Arms (Military Police) and my wife is always saying i come home from work as the MA version of me not the real me. i have a hard time keeping my "Work attitude" away from home. Im real nervous as of now as i am currently deployed but coming home soon. Im afraid since i have been at "work" so long im going to take it home. my question is how do you guys Keep work out of the home?


  • NavyPolice918, it can and usually is different for just about everyone. One of the things that worked for me was to tell my wife that when I get home, unless there is an emergency, let me be for 30 to 60 minutes. Then I would use the time to shed my work persona and wrap my home around me. I'd get out of uniform immediately. Maybe take a shower, read, do some relaxation exercises. After a while I was able to turn it off as soon as I got in the door. It will take some time so sit down with her and tell her what you are trying to do and that you need her to help you through this. Work at it and work at it together. Good luck brother, you can do this.
  • Some days you just can't keep it out of the your home. After 18 years on the job somedays I still do, however find someone that you work with and spend some time with them, talk and get it out of your system. I personal have a find that works for a department 3 hours away and I speak to him at least two or three times a week. We get to vent about work and then when I am with my wife my mood is totally different. (just an idea).
  • Gunsmoke- Thank you for that advice! it seems like a good way to work it out with her. thank you as well for the luck.

    Ks1724- that is also a great idea! thank you!
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