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Back-up Piece

edited 16 Mar 2013 in Ask a Officer
Ankle? Vest? Where do you carry it? Or do you not carry one?


  • Retired now, but carried a colt detective special 2" .38 on my ankle. Still do every now and again depending on where I'm going. Dinner at the in laws for example.
  • My In-Laws are liberals, so I never go there without a veritable arsenal...
  • Back up piece? Ask my ex about that; thats why I divorced him. Oh you mean a weapon. Regardless of where I carry it it must be able to be deployed from the weak side.
  • Lol I like your definition of the term "Back-up piece". Bravo!
  • lol to the "back up piece." My department just switched over to Glock 9mm so I want the baby glock as my back up, in an ankle holster. Waiting on the distributor to get more in now, my dept cleaned them out.
  • Glock 27....
  • walther pps in various places depending situation, uniform etc. Mostly carried in pocket holster in cargo pocket.
  • Cargo pocket is a new one on me. Never heard that one before
  • I'm old school..........AMT Backup
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