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LEO's of Michigan, I ask for your assistance!

Created a throwaway for this (OPSEC!),

I work at an undisclosed hospital in a downtown area as an armed security officer. Like most downtown hospitals, we have strict policies for entering our facility (Metal Detectors, Bag Checks ect. ect.) as well as a strict no weapons policy. The other day we had a police officer enter in our E.R. for observation with a concealed firearm, the officer was very polite and informed me of his firearm and presented his badge and identification. I was always under the impression that an LEO had the authority to carry his firearm in PFZ's. I ensured the officer was not going to be medicated, sedated or anything else that would render the officer unaccountable for his firearm, the staff ensured me that he would be alert at all times.

The nurses on staff made it very clear to me that they wanted me to confiscate his firearm because they felt very nervous about a loaded firearm in the building. I attempted to calm them by reassuring them that the man, although not in uniform, was a police officer and posed no threat to the staff.

To cut the story short, a few days later I was pulled aside by my security supervisor and the director of the hospital who informed me that they wanted NO FIREARMS WHATSOEVER in the hospital and that it was my job to prevent that, even if the patient is a police officer. I tried to explain to them that I was under the assumption that LEO's could carry in the hospital, to which they stated was false and that if it happened again, they wanted me to confiscate the officers firearm. They also stated that it was up to the director of the hospital to decide if LEO's could carry within the facility.

I can see this being a potential issue, as I doubt an LEO wants a security officer trying to confiscate the firearm (and I wouldn't want to anyways. Can anyone provide a law or anything official in writing so I may present this to my superiors? Or perhaps I am in the wrong? Your thoughts?

TL;DR- Can LEO's carry a firearm off duty in a PFZ? If so, can you provide official sources? Thanks!


  • It is my understanding that an off duty LEO can carry a firearm anywhere in the country except passed security at an airport. I do not inform anyone that I am carrying unless they have a metal detector. You cannot take an LEO's weapon. A hospital in Detroit tried this with one of our SGT's and he corrected them with the law of the land. Good Luck down there and stay safe!
  • HR-218 was explained to me by our academy commander in our AOT this year, that you are not if there is a sign that is posted "no firearms" you are not exempt off duty, however you can not be arrested or charged for the firearm but if they ask you to leave you are required to.

    this is a simple way to understand how hr-218 applies to off-duty officers.

    First, when in another state you will be subject to the use of force laws of that state. Additionally, the laws of arrest, self defense, and firearms in other states will be different and will govern any actions taken.

    HR 218 will not be a defense to possessing hollow point bullets, carrying a weapon on a school campus, carrying a prohibited weapons, carrying a weapon in a casino, etc. Some of these scenarios are illegal in certain states.

    Know HR 218, but also know the laws of that state in which you intend to carry!
  • Dear throwawayaccount, Great question! I strongly encourage you to call your local prosecutor's office and speak to a department head. He/she will give you the right answer in writing and stand behind it. That correspondence is something you can take to your employer and can aid them in drafting a policy which ensures that you are in compliance. As cops, we can give you cop answers. Your prosecutor will know the law and how it is applied in your community. It is their job to advise you. I admire you for the work you do. Good luck and stay safe!
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