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So I have mentioned elsewhere on the board I am a domestic violence advocate but I work in 3 police stations, provide training at our state's police academy, and coordinate a county wide lethality assessment program. I am well aware that while they have to work with me, they don't have to like it so I endeavor to make it pleasant whenever possible. I also never under estimate the power of treats/rewards. I even keep "bait" in my office most of the time candy for the humans and dog treats for the K-9s.

As my involvement grows and I am asking more of the LEOs I work with I want to have some items to hand out to the folks that go above and beyond. (And I'm getting bored with buying candy lol) What do you all think about morale patches? And would it be lame for someone who is not a LEO to give thin blue line stickers/other tbl items?

Thanks for your input!


  • The candy jar bait always works. Growing up my dad was a Chief of a medium sized department, he used to keep two candy jars on his desk, had deputies from the sheriff's office, village hall staff, and his own people raiding it daily. It was a good way for him to get people into his office and informally communicate about a variety of things concerning them.

    Coffee always works coffee. I'd go Kool Aide guy to get a good cup of coffee. Coffee is also a social drink encouraging dialogue.
  • Anything would be appreciated if I was on the receiving end.
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