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Hello Everyone. I was wondering would kind of advice you would give a new, young(hope to be) future officer. I am taking the Exam the 22nd of April.



  • Treat people the way you would want to be treated if you were in their position, never get the big head and think ur better than everyone because of that badge! And ember this, that badge will get u a lot of girls and those girls will get that badge!! Good Luck and be safe! Captain .
  • How about the Academy process..
  • Stick with a common sense approach to the job! Remember ,everyone has camera phones and video capabilities,so never do what you don't want to see on the 6 o'clock news! Good luck,and always stay safe!
  • Ok. Makes sence. Thanks to both of you, last question. Recommend a work out to prepare for the academy? I have worked out since high school so im a little rusty
  • Run! Run a lot!
  • If you get hired, keep your mouth and do what you're told. Don't act like you know every officer as he/she was your best friend for 20 years. Be their brother but don't be a wall flower. Be proactive and want to learn. Being a new officer myself, I was told that by many chiefs, sgts, and any other officer I know personally. It's worked out so far.
  • I'm an applicant and I have testing/Physical fitness and a polygraph on April 30th/May 1st. I don't know much about the process but You should already be starting to work out. Its more important than you may think. At least 3 times a week should do. I at least do some push ups and sit ups every night (other than when I work out Fully). Good luck!

    -Also I'm listening to this advice too, Thanks!
  • Captain, you took the words right out of my mouth on both topics and in order.. I used to call it the P.S.L. ( Power, Sex and Liquor ) Power to treat people wrong or violate integrity in other ways. Sex, keep it away from the job or it will take the job and Liquior, alcohol, prescription pill abuse and of course any illegal substance.. It is usually one or more of the P.S.Ls. that take an officers career away, causing shame to the officer and their family, the agency and community.. Male and Female alike. If you truly love your career you will take heed to our advise.... My you stay safe and enjoy a blessed, happy career as a Law Enforcement Officer..
  • Thanks for everything ive been reading and taking all the advise 2 heart. Started my running, im down to about 10:15 mile.

    Ive got my exam coming up, April 22nd. Anyone got advise to help with that. Once i get past the test I think ill be fine

    Thank You
  • Great post y'all. I'm a 20 yr. Lt. Firefighter/paramedic for JFRD (Jacksonville Fl) and currently am attending LEO school, Just finished DT. Local SO will hire part time deputies here, and in 5 yrs I'll be retired from the FD, so the plan is to go full time then. I served as a US Marine 1991-1997 and believe my state of physical readiness far surpasses what it was then. Thank you all for your input, the closer I get to blue line, the more I pay attention to anything that will increase my ability to serve and protect (them and us) The slang thread was Awsome! B-safe
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