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Myself and My Aspirations

Hi everyone. My name is Matt. I'm currently a freshman in college studying law with my sights set on becoming a police officer. My father, recently retired, was a police officer for 30 years. This is definitely why I was drawn to becoming an officer. I mean the day I was born he had to call a Sergeant in to cover him so he could shoot down to the hospital to see me born! I don't resent him in any was for working the hours he did. He always managed to make it to my games and support me with everything. He would even take the private duty jobs for my concerts so he could hear me play. I mean the guy did and does everything he can for my siblings and I. Seeing his struggles growing up has really given me an extreme amount of respect for the shield he put on every day. Once I was old enough to realize that the job wasn't about the shiny badge, the cool uniform or the fancy car I was 100% dead set on becoming an police officer. I can't tell you how many times my dad, my mom, my dad's partner and every other police officer I've known have tried to talk me out of this profession, but it never did and never will work. I was born to be a police officer.
I'm hoping that I can set myself up, in college, to be successful after when I go to apply at a department. I'm currently pre-law for my undergrad and then law school after. But after discussions with my advisor, a Mass. State Police officer, and one of my CJ teachers, a Springfield Police Captain, I'm wondering if I should get my bachelor's in Criminal Justice, Master's in Business Admin., and then go to law school as a back up for if I get hurt, because I definitely want to stay in the Criminal Justice System. I was just wondering what you guys/girls (officers) did to get to where you are today. Any help is appreciated! And if there are any lawyers on here can you give me a hint on how bad getting my jd is going to be? Thank You!


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    I can't exactly answer your question, but I wanted to comment because I am in the same boat as you. I don't come from a law enforcement family - rather, it came to me. However, I'm working on my Bachelor's degree in Criminal Justice. I, too, have often been attempted to be talked out of law enforcement by Sergeants and police officers I know, but I find it to be a calling, and there is no way I could stray away. I feel like if I didn't go for it, I would regret it for the rest of my life. The police officers I know have changed my life in more positive ways than I could ever count. The funny thing? I've never been physically saved by a police officer, but it is the things that they taught me that have made them my heroes. Good luck, brother, and stay safe!
  • @astover I completely get it! I've never been saved either, but it was just growing up, literally, in the police station. If I wasn't at home, school, or on a sports field, I was at the police department washing cars or sitting in dispatch or something. Just watching and learning. Seeing people come up to my father and shake his hand and say "thank you" makes me proud to call him my dad! I go around town and I'm constantly told how good of a man my dad is. I want to have an impact on my community and make it safe just as my father. I want to serve and protect. Unica Unique. The motto on their shield. It is Latin for the one and the only. My mom always says that we are a "blue family" and that's true, but I want to directly be a part of the law enforcement family! Good luck with your degree and your journey! He who conceives and believes will achieve! We just have to work our butts off and we'll get there! Be safe
  • Hi! I'm also in college for Criminal Justice, in hopes of becoming a police officer, (the first in the family that I know of) this is technically my last semester for my associate's degree. I am an applicant for Raleigh police in North Carolina. I have my reading comprehension test and physical fitness test coming on April 30th and my polygraph on May 1st. After that, an interview and if the chief decides yes, then I will be hired and starting BLET in August. Good luck with your journey to becoming a police officer, sure you will be a great one! be safe.
  • @LTC_BROKEN good luck with your application process! As soon as you turn 21 you should be applying for positions and getting experience with the application process. If you get a position you have the choice to take it or continue school. My idea is take the position, but continue with your degree because in order to move up the rank past sergeant you will most likely need at least a bachelor's. Just keep that in mind! Some things I have been told about the process: It can be extremely stressful. Be yourself. If you have a minor blemish on your record instead of trying to avoid it if brought up, take it and show the interviewer that it was a one time mistake and you have grown from it. As always, be politically correct, do not use contractions and use "sir" and ma'am". Something else that my dad told me was one of his biggest pet peeves about interviewing officer candidates is when he would ask "do you have any questions for me" the would say "nope. I'm okay". This goes for any job interview. Always, always, always have at least 3 thought/conversation provoking questions. It will show you have a brain and it lets you show a little more of yourself to the interviewer. Remember SELL YOURSELF!! Good luck and be safe!
  • Thanks! Yes, I basically have my associate's degree and plan to continue my education, but I will know within the next 4 months if I will be Hired by Raleigh PD. If I am then I will take BLET through their academy and then they will send me for higher education, probably.

    I really appreciate the advice, it helps alot, and I plan to use it!
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