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How do you feel about CCW?

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I don't know if this has been asked here before, so I'm going to ask.

If this is a repeat, I apologize.

Basically, I would just like to know how LEO's feel about private citizens acquiring permits to carry concealed weapons (Firearms specifically).

I had thought about asking police officers and sheriff's deputies in person, but thought that it might I might come off a bit odd to them for asking.

While I'm primarily interested in knowing what Michigan LEOs think, (since I live in and have a Concealed Pistols License for Michigan), I would welcome any officers' opinion.

If you're against CCW, don't be afraid to voice your opinion. We're all entitled to our far.



  • Here in Colorado, just about everyone has a gun. I had a CCW as a civilian, and now that I'm LEO, it doesn't bother me a bit that civilians carry. I always ask if someone I've contacted is carrying or has a weapon in the car. And unless they give me reason to disarm them, I usually don't.

    Denver and Boulderites of course are constantly complaining about that pesky 2nd Amendment though..
  • Got no problem with CCW.
  • I would like to hear from some LEO from Wisconsin on the subject. I have heard many horror stories especially in Madison and Milwaukee. I live out in the country in a small town and have never had a problem around here. The people in smaller towns seem to have a different outlook on life I guess.

  • The horror stories you hear are from politically motivated Chiefs of Police who are only worried about elections after their job is over. I have no issues with CCW and in fact as long as they have to show they aren't unstable, everyone should have one..
  • In my opinion, at least the holders of a CCW permit have undergone a background check and have been deemed mentally fit and safety conscious. Open carry means everyone who carries (except known felons) can carry... I can speak only for Maine but at least if the holder of a CCW steps over the line the CCW can be pulled by the issuing chief and you can tell if the person you are dealing with has a CCW through records checks (at least in that local department)
  • From PA, I am of the strong belief that everyone should carry, with the exception of felony convicted persons. Gun restrictions don't prevent criminals from getting weapons, as we all know. If everyone carried, you would more than likely see a drop in violent crimes. Example, the Colorado movie theatre shooting. How many people would have died if everyone in that theatre was armed? Maybe 1 or 2? Would the perp even have made the attempt? Food for thought.
  • I am from PA also. Been a police officer for 34 years. I have no problem with CCW. I live and worked in a rural area where there were a lot of one and two man departments so you know there is not always coverage in that area unless it is PSP. A lot of times they are spread thin and may take a half hour to respond or longer. One night I was working and had a traffic violater and tried to stop the car. They took me up the mountain and turned left into a dirt road in the middle of nowhere. It was dark and late. When I got out of my car 4 of them got out of that car and started to walk towards me. Luckly a man that was the civial defence director had a police radio in his car and heard me call out my stop. He showed up right after these guys were coming towards me. He had a CCW permit and his gun on his hip which they saw. After that things went smooth. If he would not have showed when he did and being armed, I am sure someone would have been hurt or killed. Also in my younger years I had my girlfriend fishing at a remote lake and a car came buy and the guys hollered out the window. They turned around and came back, got out of the car and there was three of them. As they staarted walking down to us I stood up and turned around and one of them said he has a gun. They got back to their car and left. At the time I was not an officer but had a CCW and carried a .22 revolver when I fished there.. It was having the CCw that saved us. At this same lake a few years later a guy killed a fisherman and took his car. Wish he would havd had a CCW, it may have saved his life. I am very much for CCW permits because the people had been checked out to be able to carry.
  • I have no problem with it. I do appreciate it when a traffic violator delcares he has a weapon upon first contact.
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    In Ohio, retired after 33 years on the job. I have no problem with CCW. We also have open carry here and I am seeing a few people who do open carry. I have a problem with store, businesses, offices that post no weapons on site. I tend to boycott those businesses and let them know that I will not patronize them as long as they post the sign.
  • I am a 26yr Officer here in Texas. As part of my LEMIT program through Sam Houston State University (think Texas version of FBI National Academy), I actually wrote and published a paper on the subject of LEO's and CHL's.
    Titled "The modern day posse: concealed handgun permits and law enforcement".
    You can find it online at the following URL.

    I was excited that I could actually find it ;-)

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  • I think it's a great idea. Another way of exercising our second amendment rights.
  • >>I have a problem with store, businesses, offices that post no weapons on site. I tend to boycott those businesses and let them know that I will not patronize them as long as they post the sign.<<

    I always respect the signs (I, too, live in Ohio). If I'm out of uniform I lock it up if there's a sign. But I think the signs are stupid, especially in banks. A bank robber isn't going to give a hoot about your stupid sign and any law abiding citizen who may have saved your butt can't, because he obeys the law and left his gun in the car. It's just foolish.
  • Im from South Louisiana and I have no problems with conceal carry, I wish every competent Law Abiding citizen had one. I think it would make for a safer environment. we all know criminals carry and we cant stop them from getting firearms so everyone else, (law abiding citizens), should be able to protect themselves.
  • I have no issues with, although I have no experience with CCW holders as I'm from New Jersey.
    While we're a "shall" issues state you pretty much guaranteed you won't get one.
    A shame, really.
  • In Arizona (wild west) as you know or havent heard you dont need a ccw anymore, so its actual greatone someone takes the opportunity to learn and train on there weapon. That relaxing courtesy during a traffic stop that a holder puts both hands out the window on contact indicating they have a weapon on board. ;) Although in AZ when i ran a license of a card holder it popped up on his indicators.
  • I'm a retired Master Trooper from Virginia State Police and a concealed to carry instructor. I strongly encourage concealed to carry if you are not a hot head. Today's time everyone should be armed just make sure if stopped by police for traffic violation hand the officer your operator's license & concealed to carry at the same time and tell the officer if you do or do not have a firearm in your vehicle. DO NOT REACH FOR IT. Tell them you have the concealed to carry whether carrying or not, because when your information is entered in system it will show that you have one. The office may get concerned if not told up front.
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