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Police Wives

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Hello all. Any other Wives out there?


  • Yep, 12 years and counting
  • Married 8 years, police wife for 4
  • I am a retired police officer, who is still married to a LEO for 19!
  • Yessssss married 3 years to my LEO of 3 years lol O:-)
  • Been married to my Leo 11 years in January.
  • Yes!!! Just celebrated our 20th anniversary on Wednesday! :)
  • It's so good to hear from all of you, we should all keep in contact on here!!!
  • Yes, Married to my LEO for 10yrs this past April, together for a little over 12yrs now.
  • Do any of you ever get angry or have feelings of resentment towards your husbands job? And how di you deal with it. I know we all get like this from time to time. Just throwing it out there
  • Police wife for over 13 years. Married for over 17 years.
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  • Yes married to my LEO for 3years this past September and together a little over 13 years!
  • Yes married to my LEO for 10 years and he has been a LEO for 10 years, I also am a LEO and have been for 12 almost 13 years and yes we both get extremely upset about the others work. Having three small kids and two parents with odd, long hours is hard
  • LEO wife for 5 yrs now. Hate the hours he has but love him.
  • Police wife here! Hate his hours, I feel like a single mom at times but I don't hold it against him because I married him knowing what his job was and new what I was getting myself into!
  • Hi , ,my hubby graduation (academy police) is on February and I have no idea what will be a nice gift for him something the will be so helpful at his work !! ( hope he get good hours)!Any ideas?? TIA
  • Recent newlyweds. Any advice?
  • Recent newlyweds... Prepare yourself for long days apart... Long hours sometimes long cases and paperwork to be done. Gonna be rough. Communication is key and so is patience.
  • Thank you for the advice! 4-12 sure do suck, but I support him 100%. Plus we are not stuck up eachothers butts all the time!
  • 7 years and counting. Still hate it the same as 7 years ago. I am very proud of my husband for what he does and will stick by him through the nights alone and missed holidays because he's doing a job not just anyone can do. It's very hard on the family of a deputy/ officer. I worried so much for a long time it effected everything I did. It gets a little better with time.
  • Oh and yes ...I resent his job sometimes. I'm married to the job not him. Also end up feeling like a single mom a lot.
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  • I've been with my Leo for 10 years, married for 8...he's the love of my life and my hero!!
  • @jessicab
    I no the feeling but don't lose your love for him and the respect for the job!!! ;)
  • Yeah. I love him to death and go a little crazy at times.I look up to him for being the cop he is, even though it has it's hard times. He's definitely my heart and like you said..Hero.
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    Hi Ive only been married to my LEO for 5 months but have been together for 3 three yrs. He has been my knight in shining armor. He has the bight shift and although its hard planning around his schedule...I knew this going in so its just a part of our lives.
  • Try being married to a deployed soldier. You think long hours are difficult... Try living alone dealing with the bills and a 2yr old alone for 13months. Got nothin but love and respect for all of you. Just hope this puts things into a little perspective. You got it good ladies.
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    I've been with my hubby for 19 years, married for 18 and he's been a PO for almost 13 years.Before that he was a Marine so I have done the deployments also. I can honestly say that they are both tough. They are just two very different things. My life as a LEO wife is one of near constant concern for my Officer's safety as well as MANY hours spent as a single mom. I play the role of both parents more often than not. I think it be best if we hold each others hands rather than compare who has it better or worse. Much love to all of my sisters, LEO wives and military wives alike.
  • I work in law enforcement and so does my husband. We have been married for almost 20 years. It is tough but I think it helps with us having so much in common concerning our jobs. We work for different agencies and we work opposite shifts. We don't see each other much, but when we do we try to make the most of it. Our daughter is 17 and we are fortunate that we are all very close. She doesn't bat an eye when we speak in 10 codes in conversation or when we stop in mid-conversation to listen to what is happening on our radios. Ladies be patient and understanding with your husbands. It is a stressful job at times. Just because they don't come home telling you every detail of their night or day doesn't mean they are shutting you out. Sometimes that is just how you gotta deal with certain aspects of this line of work.
  • Newly Wed here and I love Police Man and respect him Dearly, daily. We Just got married in March and now expecting our first child in May 2013 :)
  • Been married for 5 years in March. My LEO started in September, so 3 month LEO wife here!!! Our marriage has been great! He is still an inactive Marine, so we have dealt with ups and downs in his last couple jobs!!! I love being a LEO Wife so far!!!
  • 4 Years and loving it. Newly Wed advice....PRAY with each other.
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  • Newly weds.... July this year. Past couple weeks have been hard, lots of really long shifts starting at weird hours with not much break between them, but I'm proud to be his wife and support him at home.
  • Not married to mine, but after 11 years I continue to support all law enforcement and K9 activities. We will soon be getting a new k9. God Bless all.
  • A new police wife here. Hubbie finished his FTO today. We've been married for 7 years and now he is finally fulfilling his dream of being in Law Enforcement.
  • 27 years married to my K9 cop husband. Our son joined the same dept 2yrs ago!
  • I have been married to husband for 9 years this last September been together 13 yrs. My husband has been on his dept 23 yrs. If there is one thing that I have learned is patients! They see more then the average person and when they get home they want that wind down time or when their not talking so much its not that something is wrong its just them coming down off their high from the job! There has been times I need other wives to talk to! Love them and support them!
  • Married to my policeman since 8/8/08. I am so proud to be a police officer's wife!! There is nothing stronger than the brotherhood of the brothers in blue.
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    We have been married for 13 years and have four kids under the age of 9. I am also a LEO. Just remember that he can't help his hours and stress... when you married him, you married his job also. It is more than a job, it is a lifestyle. They go to work and are with their second family. Being jealous is not goign to change anything, but will add more stress. Be there for your LEO and all the other guys will be jealous of you :)

    Alos, get to know the other wives at your department. They can be just as much support to you as his "family" is to him. God forbid something ever happen to one of the them, but you already have a system in place to help each other out. Lean on each other in tough times.
  • married since 1990 been LEO wife for 22 yrs...My LEO was shot in the OLD in 2001. took a year to recoup and went right back at it..Seen the best and the worse of being leow
  • line of correct dislikes me*
  • I have been married to my husband for almost 2 years, He has been a LEO for almost 3 and we have a 2 and a half year old daughter. I have struggled many nights and days with his job, but it is something that I am extremely proud of. I never thought I would marry a police officer, but this was his life long dream and I was with him since day one of the application process up until this very second. It is something I take pride in as a wife, seeing my husband love his job and be doing something he has dreamed of since he was a kid. The life of a police wife isnt for everyone, it is hard work on the wife's end just as much as the job is hard work for them, granted we don't risk our lives everyday. I have found that finding support groups has helped me a LOT. Knowing I am not alone and there are people out there going through the SAME thing as I am is very comforting. The Police Wife Life, The life of a Police Housewife, Wives Behind The Badge, and the National Police Wives Association are all groups I have joined/follow on facebook and I love them. I feel like these thousands of women are my family and they know exactly what I am going through. There is also a book called 'I love a Cop' by Ellen Kirschman that I think is very important for every wife/girlfriend to read. There are going to be times, lots of times, when you will feel like a single wife (oxy moron? lol), a single mother.. and wondering why you signed up for this.. But you have to be strong and know your husband is out there doing something that not everyone can do. Being angry, and resentful not only adds stress to the marriage but it also adds stress to him while hes working. Granted he needs to be making sure he is at least attempting to leave his work at work, and make time for his wife/family.. but there will be lots and lots of days that this doesnt happen and he comes home angry.. not wanting to talk and as his supporter you have to just be quiet.. let him veg on the cough for an hour or so, or let him take a nap..I struggle with this daily but I find that the more I support him in his career, the happier he is knowing he wont be coming home to an angry wife. My husband also does security on his off days and sometimes the dollar signs take over and i have to put my foot down and say, no hunny you need to take a day OFF.. like not a day off shift only to work security.. a day OFF! He will never stop being a cop once he becomes one.. he will always have that mentality once he sees the bullshit that comes with being a cop- in the department and out on the streets. You just have to support him in his career. I have learned that I will never sit at a resturaunt ever again and be able to face the door.. I will never have a clean kitchen table because at one point or another there is always going to be some form of tactical gear/shirt stays/keepers or something crowding it and Im okay with that. I have to pick my battles.

    Just know you ladies who are 'NEW' to this are NOT alone, there are many support groups around on facebook and websites, to help your emotions. I love being a LEOW and I will always have a passion for being a police wife. Its not an easy thing, but its worth it in the pride and satisfaction i get when i say, YES.. I am a police wife.
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  • I became a cops wife 28 years ago, 4 months into the marriage (3 days after Christmas) he responded to a DV and was stabbed in the back of the neck. He shot and killed the man and after several surgeries was able to return to service. Needless to say, it's been quite a ride.....we've done patrol, undercover,detectives and he is now the Chief. There have been many ups and downs and I am a firm believer that it takes a VERY special woman to be a cops wife.

    I would be honored to help any fellow wife who is struggling with this lifestyle. I have seen many good people and many, many marriages destroyed but I am proof that you can have a fabulous life, marriage and family.

    Now let me tell you, I signed up to be a cops wife, I (thought I) knew what I was getting into and prepared to the best of my ability, to handle each and every situation that presented.....and there have been guy has been, let's see how shall I put it, a $#]+ magnet! We are getting to a place now where things are slowing down, not every call is cause for concern, our babies are grown, educated and starting lives of their own AND GUESS WHAT??? Our son starts Tuesday!

    Yup, that's right, I'm now a cop's mom!
  • I am a soon-to-be LEOW. My husband is in week 17 of the Academy. We've been together 15 years and married for 7, with 2 fun loving kids! I want to thank ALL of you for your posts/comments. I too am one that didn't LOVE the idea - but been supporting him every step of the way, it has been a dream of his since I met him and long before that even. I too follow blogs and joined pages like this. I in fact started my own blog( because I found it was really difficult to find support for wives/gf/moms of recruits in the academy. It is my hope the blog will help others and the blogs I follow as well which I share on my page. ;;) Thanks again, I am happy and proud to be apart of this large LE family.
  • Yes... been married a little over 5 yrs. He has been in law enforcement a little over 10 yrs now. He is a chief in a small town. Can't say its been easy but I can't help but love the man I am with. I am very proud of what he does.
  • I have been married to my Police officer Hubby for 25 years. I still don't sleep when he is on night shift, we joke when I ring him to put in a shift allowance for spouses. I won't list all the events that have happened to him but I am here for any wife who needs a lend of a patient ear.
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