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How to hook up with a cop?

How would I go about meeting a police officer to date?


  • LOL!!! This comment is all in fun. LEO's are just like any other guys. You have your great ones & your not so great ones. They are just as approachable as any other person and you shouldn't feel intimidated because they have on a uniform. Just don't do it when they are busy. You could always speed past one when you see him shooting radar, LOL. Remember if you try that one, you may find a woman Officer at your vehicle :).
  • LOL..just FYI..when I do a traffic stop and the driver is a pretty female..I always issue the citation..this way I can see her again at court..;) :>
  • Lol I laughed when I read this. I'm not a cop quite yet, but I can't help but think the men sure do look good in their uniforms. ;)
  • I'm with you Charger Girl....A man in uniform is definately eye candy. My daughter always says "Mom, how come guys always look so good in a uniform?" That is one question I haven't been able to answer yet, but I am in full agreement!!! :)
  • I think one reason is because the uniform is pressed, and very neat. Clean shaven and clean looking. Not torn and ragged like the stylish jean of today, ie the grunge look or slacker look. . He looks like he has his poop in a group, that signifies securtiy, and most woman that I know will tell you that security is sexy.
  • I like the confidence a lot of them have as well (not to be mistaken for arrogance lol). Like they are certain of themselves, not lost puppies that need somebody else for everything. Someone who is as independent as I am, and that can protect those around him. I appreciate that.
  • Hmmmm....always have wondered why women love men in uniform but as soon as I tell a guy what I do they run a mile........... hence why I make up other jobs, then when I have decided, nope he can leave I tell him what I do...sometimes it comes in handy :)
  • Coming from the other perspective, women to look GOOD to me in uniform...

    Although I would never date/marry a cop as two cops in the same house is a recipe for disaster..
  • I've had guys tell me I look hot in uniform, but really? How can you look hot in polyester with a 20 lb belt around your waist? And a vest does nothing to emphasize physique! I've never found uniforms to be appealing, although I do find the outgoing, confident, helpful attitude attractive.
    Still haven't decided if its better to date cops or to date outside the profession. At least your job stress and the nights you bring your work home in your mind with you, they can understand. You'd both understand mandatory OT and getting stuck after hours on a call, or getting called back in.
    I've had two relationships fall apart and both guys could tell you about situations that really made them mad. I remember one time coming home and my boyfriend had company who wanted to go out to dinner and to the range. I thought I was good with that, especially after an hour's drive home, but I walked in the door and just couldn't deal with people. Oh was he mad mad mad at me. All I asked for was twenty minutes to myself to bust out a two mile run. I was fine after the run.
    Then again, I dated some farmers, who understand the odd schedule, who understand death and disaster, but you know, you get to caring about them, and darned if their jobs aren't just as dangerous as ours!!
    Good luck!
  • I tried to get pulled over all the time in ny town (had my eye on one police officer) now I am happily married to him :-)
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  • This is a great post, whether male or female the uniform is sometimes intimidating ... but if they arent on a power trip they're usually easy to approach just like anyone else ... & I'm sure they would appreciate the fact that someone sees them as more than someone that puts people in jail or gives speeding tickets to grandma's ... a compliment of being attractive to someone is a great boost no matter who you are :) good luck finding the officer of your dreams :)
  • ...seriously?
  • Wow. Cop groupies. Who'd have thunk it
  • We call them badge bunnies :)
  • Holster sniffers
  • how come no females are like this in my town?
  • Remember... the badge gets you pussy, but the pussy gets your badge!

    Why do you want to hook up with a cop for?
  • When i was a rookie my fto warned me of then3 b's that would ruin your career..... Booze,badge and b*tches
  • I'm not a Leo I am a nurse but I have great respect for the men and women in blue in our community . I think it is crazy to base the person you want to date on profession ... What ever happened to wanting to date someone bc of ... Oh I don't know ... Personality ??
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  • I am a female in the field and also prior military. On many occasions I have had to help male officers get away from aggressive females on scenes. It's sickening to see the way some females throw themselves at a man in uniform. One woman opened the door naked to file a complaint. I immediately told her to put some clothes on. The male officer handling the call asked me to stay on scene because he was afraid this woman might file a complaint against him since he wasnt responding to her advances. These days people are that vindictive!
  • Really? wtf
  • Can you say, "BADGE BUNNY" ... SMH
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