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Duty belt set up for small female

Any recommendations for a duty belt set up for a small female. We just added the tazer and I had to take things off and move things. Now I dont know how to make everything fit. I am trying to keep things off of the rear of my belt but it is almost impossible. It makes it so uncomfortable to sit in my vehicle with anything on my back. As of right now from clockwise: tazer, mag pouch for tazer, regular mag pouch, handcuff case, nothing in the middle of my back, handcuff case, gun (lefty), radio. Cant figure out where to put my flashlight and my asp.


  • We recently added the taser as well and I had some belt issues. Things that worked for me were going from 2 single cuff pouches to a double pouch and with my mags I went from two double mag pouches to Safarilands quad mag pouch for the 1911. It is no bulkier than the double pouch for a Glock. Another option for the taser is BLACKHAWK's drop down thigh rig (assuming your agency does not think the look is too "aggressive".)
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    Thank you! I will have to look into that. I think the only officers allowed to wear the drop down thigh rig are swat members.
  • MAg pouch for taser? I would get rid of that if you can. I only carry one cartridge (the one on the taser), if that doesn't work I will transition to something else. The odd of you being able to remove a cartridge and apply another one in a stressful situation are pretty slim. Keep the extra cartridge in your squad..
  • We have to wear it on our person. The cartridge pouch was given to us with the tazer. I wish i could get rid of it, it takes up valuable space.
  • As of right now i am carrying my flashlight in my pocket and leaving my asp in the car. I didnt want to replace the asp with the tazer but until i find a better setup that seems to be what is happening. My friends laugh and say I need to carry a back pack with the rest of my gear, lol.
  • Some taser holsters allow you to mount the secondary cartridge holder on the side of the taser holster. It would stick out farther but save room on belt. I would also talk to your Training Sgt. or supervisor about being able to change things due to space etc. Especially if it causes back or hip pain.
  • I'm tiny as well...I have a thigh drop leg holster for my taser. Starting in the front going to the right, double mag pouch, gun holster, two keepers on back only, left side is my radio, drop leg holster looped on inner belt, asp, single cuff case. I keep my light in my side pocket of my pants.
    Good luck!
  • Thank you everyone for the advice, I am going to try your suggestions! Astpd, I like your setup, going to have to try that.
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