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Funding for Mounted Patrols

I am a former prosecutor (King County, WA) so I have both friends that are officers and an interest in law enforcement. I recently found out that the Seattle Mounted Patrol was cut from the budget 21/2 years ago and has been running on donations, which expire in Dec. 2013. So I have been trying to get the word out about how important the patrol is, both for community policing and the things people think of more naturally, crowd control. I have a Facebook page (Friends of the Seattle Mounted Patrol) which has been up for two months discussing all sorts of aspects of the patrol. Portland's Mounted Patrol recently partially lost their fight and are in the position of raising money now (Facebook: Save the Portland Mounted Patrol). I'd ask that you help us out. Visit the face book pages and contribute from your own experiences and "like" us. Police officers should not have to run on donations, and the professional, respectful, individuals are often the first and most contact citizens have with law enforcement. Please help retain them as an important part of our culture.


  • Have you thought about applying for state and federal grants for law enforcement. Some grants are very non specific and you can make it work for what your agency needs.
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