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Another Cop Dating Q&A - only more specific

Hi! I came to this site looking for advice on a cop I'm interested in but the advice seems mostly 'how to pick up cops'. That's not really what I'm after. I was hoping for moral/legal advice when pursuing a particular officer.

I'm in a small town and I'm really into our town cop. Problem is we kinda met when..he busted me for a plant. I know! I know! I admitted everything, took the charges etc etc but during the time I was detained we started getting friendly. Not on purpose; not to get out of anything - we just kinda clicked. I've made excuses to go to the station a few times, getting my licence renewed, etc. Each time he's spoken to me for awhile, about many topics and at one point we discussed going to lunch together. I asked him for his phone number and he reminded me of my impending court case, saying he wasn't comfortable with anything until after. [note he didn't say no!] Understandable! He's definitely interested back. I don't know how to continue pursuing him because, well, as a general rule I tend to avoid cops.

So, my questions:

Is what I am doing technically illegal? The 'soliciting a police officer' thing? Am I supposed to be doing it when he's NOT in uniform otherwise is it a crime? Or is it okay if the officer in question responds positively to it and it's not to get out of an offence? [I do NOT want to get out of anything - I admit what I did] I worry cause I know this cop is big on 'would bust his mother if she was speeding' type of guy and I don't want him to have to decide between 'being a man being hit on by a woman' and 'being a cop being solicited by a woman'... is there a difference in uniform? He's mentioned to me a few times he doesn't hang around town cause it's so small and he's arrested so many of us, so it would be difficult for me to see him out of uniform in order to make a proper pass. He's been on duty for 3 weeks straight already, even on call at nights - so it's REALLY hard to make a move with him not being on bloody duty!!

Are there 'rules' with touching cops, etc? Like if he were in uniform and I were to give him a hug, would it be considered a dangerous act? Would he be nervous around his gun/taser etc if I did that? We're getting to that point in our friendliness where it wouldn't be awkward for me to hug him [what I REALLY wanna do is snog him, but I digress] - except the belt full of weapons and all that. Is that okay when you guys trust someone, or still like, DUDE don't touch the armed to the teeth guy?

Is it immoral to pursue a relationship at all, considering? Even after my court date? It really was a single personal plant on my back verandah I was growing just to see if I could. But is that enough to make me a crim and him a cop and us to have met when he busted me and thus completely and utterly immoral? I had EVERY intention of introducing myself to him [small town, he's the ONLY cop] before I was busted. And now I am REALLY wishing I had.

Is there any way him having dated someone he met on a bust in any way going to effect his job? Do cops normally/routinely have things like this happen? I'm not some big-time crim. Just some country woman who thought it would be a brilliant [it wasn't] idea to try to see if she could grow a plant in her backyard for fun. And now because of it, I met the town cop and he turned out to be amazing and I don't know what to do. :/

Edit to add: Also we're in Australia and I think our drug laws are way more lenient than in the US. Court date is only two weeks away, as well. Was told it wouldn't be anything more than a simple fine.
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