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Narrative of Miscellaneous Incident Report-Dallas Police Department

First, there is an area in Dallas, Texas known as Pleasant Grove, or just the Grove to those that live there and the cops that MUST work there. Every city has a GROVE, somewhat behind the times, a lot of inbreeding and simple minded folks that just seem to endure year after year.

Recently a Dallas Police Element (that is what we call Units) was dispatched to a call just north and east of the downtown area, all apartment buildings on a MEET COMPLAINANT CALL, with the remarks-Information Regarding a Deceased Person.

The Element responded and the following narrative of a Miscellaneous Incident Report was submitted,

"Reporting Officer arrived at dispatched location and contacted Complainant -------------. Complainant --------------directed Reporting Officer to the alley behind location and showed him what he believed to be a human fetus. Reporting Officer examined the object and found it to be a tomato that had been ran over numerous times. Reporting Officer advised Complainant ------------
to return to the Grove and stay there."

NFI (No Further Information)


  • And their vote counts as much as yours and mine. Sad ain't it?
  • Things and people like this are just too common. These people vote, drive, procreate And raise children.....brrrrrrr!
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