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You know you work in the hood when.....

This is something my partner and I thought of last night, please feel free to add your own personal stories that fit this title.

You know you work the hood when......

Every person you meet on the street shakes your hand and says, "my name is so and so....and I ain't got no warrants"

or even better....(warrants here are 10-90's)

"hey officer I ain't got no 10-90's" It doesnt take long for our regulars to learn out 10-codes.


  • The perp trys to evade but can't run because his pants keep falling down, and he can't run while holding them up with one hand.
  • The car in the driveway costs more than the house it's parked at.
  • There are more cars in the yard up on blocks than there are in operable condition in the driveway.
  • Every guy on the corner has torn clothes and gold teeth...
  • I've worked in predominately black neighborhoods, and i've worked in predominately white neighborhood. I'll take the black neighborhood any day over white. All you get out of the white neighborhood is shitalking and the "do i look like a criminal?" attitude.
  • You completely miss a person when doing a spotlight search yet ID their position from all the bling?
  • You know you work in the hood when the bank machine in the Shell gas station has a line 5 minutes after midnight on the 1st of the month.
  • Cpd, lol, the ATM at Exxon is out of cash 5 minutes after midnight on the first in 'my' hood
  • When the people walking down the street know your badge number but not your name!
  • When your lunch is ruined because a truck thought it could beat a train in to a scrap yard
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  • When you refer to home as your "Crib."
    You acquire a taste for Blind Robins and Pork Rinds.
    You shake off your clothes before going home.
    You never sit down at a crime scene.
    You say hello to people with your Glock in your lap.
  • What are "Blind Robins"?
  • When you knock on a door a little 4 year old asks "Do You Got a Warrant"?
  • When the majority of your district live in trailer parks (different from mobile home parks, believe me...)
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