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Are any of you current or retired LEOs former Police Explorers? If so, did it help during your journey of becoming a police officer?


  • I am a former explorer and currently a full-duty LEO. Yes it helped a lot. The academy was a breeze when it came to classroom work.
  • I am currently Captain in the Lake Suburban Police Explorers up here in Indiana. All of our advisors are former explorers. They each are very succesful and great in what they do.
  • Im with the United States Customs and Border Protection here in Philadelphia, Pa. All of our Officers are highly trained and highly skilled. I think being an explorer is your best bet for entering Law Enforcement!
  • I am a volunteer with the local PD. And I believe being an explorers is the best if you want to enter Law Enforcement. I wish was an explorer when I was younger, it would have helped me by giving me more discipline and focus on the goal. Stay safe, one last thing stay in school and go to college. Good Luck and God Bless.
  • learn from your mistakes, do everything by the book, not by what others do, stay focus, treat all threats as dangerous and by all means stay safe!!!!
  • I was actively involved in our local explorer program from 1994-2001 when it was disbanded then I assisted in turning it into our local police reserve program. In 1994, only two of us stuck with the program beyond the first year, and we found that the following years it was difficult to gain cadets that took it seriously, in the small town that we were. My largest obsticle was facing my peers in school. I did not make many friends because I chose to hang out with the local officers and devote my time to positive constructive activity all through our community. I wore our uniform with pride, and to the day, I firmly believe that what our advisor taught us, helped me maintain the high degree of personal standard that I have, and attention to great detail. Remember the officers that went to bat for the cadets, may it be a teaching lesson, or ride-a-long time, and pass it down if you ever get the chance. Also, be open to the different ways that the officers that you encounter perform their duties, and ask yourself what works for you, and what may not. Ask a lot of questions, no matter if you think they may be of little importance. There is no stupid question when it comes to performing the duties of an LEO. Hesitation may cost you an eternity without your family. There is no such thing as "routine".
  • I was in my local pd's cadet program and I say it was very helpful. I worked a lot with the traffic officer and hey, since I am in a small town, I do a lot of traffic enforcement. She is still a mentor to me today. Plenty can be learned from the experience that is not taught in school. Especially the in and outs of office politics.
  • Heck yes the Explorers helped me. Still using my training in life. Unfortinatly, at this time, my department is in a hiring freeze and so are most of the surrounding cities. I passed my written and the day that I went to take my physical, they told me we were in a hiring freeze. I was furious that this happened. I haven't given up though. I am still going strong.
  • I am currently a Cadet with a local department. It has open my eyes so much on the real work of officers. I used to watch COPS all the time growing up. But it never showed the boring stuff. Report writing, Slow days, ect. But now I've been exposed to it all and still am looking forward for a career as a LEO. Thanks guys stay safe and god bless.
  • Former Explorer and Post Adviser. The best thing I did to determine if I wanted to be a LEO was to work as a Seasonal Police Officer in Ocean City Maryland. (1991) Three weeks of training then doing the job in a resort Town that sees 100k people every week. Wouldnt trade a minute of my 22 years....
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  • Former explorer and it was one the best things i ever did. Prepared me for the job and gained life long friends that our now my brother officers as well as best friends
  • I worked with a local towns Emergency Services before becoming a LEO. It made the contacts that helped me pursue my career in law enforcement!
  • I was a explorer before college and it gave me a pretty good idea of what police work was all about. Infact, some of the skills I learned as an explorer, I didn't learn in the police academy. However, nobody tells you about the hours of paperwork involved. lol. If a teen was looking into police work, I would say try explorers first. I also will say that I made life friendships with fellow explorers.
  • I was an explorer in high school... where I really found out that I love wearing the uniform. My career took off from there. I definitely recommend it to anyone interested in law enforcement.
  • I wouldn't be a police officer today without first being an explorer and also interning for a police department. Made me strive daily for the job during ride alongs when I was only allowed to do so much and I wanted to do it all. Definitely keep with it and work hard and you'll be where you wanna be in life m
  • Been an explorer at Southfield PD in MI since NOV. 2011 and loved every minute of it. Actually just came back from a meeting today where we worked on traffic stops. I feel that through being able to do ride alongs and going to the academy and competition it's helping me prepare a lot for being a LEO. Explorers also has helped me realize that being a LEO is exactly what I want to do.
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