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(So I accidentally posted this in the "Meet and Greet" category so I am re-posting it in here.)

So Imagine stop a vehicle for no licence plate light at around 0230 the driver comes to a complete stop then gets out and charges you while you are approaching. you fight with him for about 3 mins (in the roadway) and then you deploy your taser and 10-15 (arrest) him. Can you press charges for him being in the roadway such as interfering with traffic or anything of that nature? If your knowledgeable about AZ State Law that would be great, but I assume other states have laws similar in nature.


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    Not meaning to be a smart azz here, but with all the other serious charges, why worry about this?
    Also, you are the reason he stopped, correct?
  • I was just curious, because I like the traffic field of police work. I am not to worried about it at all.
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