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Dad of a cop

edited 30 Nov 2012 in Family Matters
Hello everybody. My name is David and I am just a dad of an LEO in Orlando FL. I am very proud of him and very appreciative of all the LEO's that put their lives on the line so people like me can be safe. Thanks to everybody. For those of you still out there doing your thing, please be safe out there.


  • Sounds like you did an excellent job of raising your son. Thank you.
  • Thank You
  • My son is also an officer in Illinois. I was a Lieutenant in Milwaukee WI PD retired 2000.
  • Thank you for raising a brave son! I work with Osceola co in dispatch & can't wait to walk along side the men & women in blue (or green lol)
  • I am a retired LEO with 30 years of service but my pride is in my son who is a Chicago Police Office working in 015. My pride and joy.
  • Hello, that's Great! I'm not an officer yet, but soon to be. I start BLET around this August. First in the family to pursue Law Enforcement.
  • Retired LEO here, my oldest son starts the state academy in NJ in a few days and my youngest daughter is in college doing a double major in CJ and psych, then plans to be a LEO. She is in her sophomore year and has a chance to do an internship with NCIS next year.
  • Good for you and your fabulous son! As far as I'm concerned there is no nobler cause than to serve as your son has chosen to do. I have the privilege of being in the LEO family for 28 years as a wife and just recently as a mother as well. I have recently told people the only thing harder than sending my husband out to put his life on the line is now knowing my only son is out there as well. I am so very proud of both of them and all those who unselfishly give every day to protect us. Welcome to the family, you are now part of something that is like nothing you've ever seen, the support and camaraderie is beyond words. Wishing your son success and SAFETY!
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