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Florida Police Depts

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Anybody here from Florida?


  • I'm not an LEO yet but I'm going to be going to the academy here in the next year in Florida. I want to work for the Tampa PD, Hillsborough County, or maybe Orlando PD.
  • Im curently certified in florida and looking for an agency.
  • Yes, Right here. I graduated the academy and passed my state 15 days after I turned 19, Best place for Law Enforcement.
  • Retired Ft Myers PD here
  • Fruitland park pd 3 years
  • FHP, Gainesville PD, Lake County SO-Retired.
  • Deputy with the Orange County Sheriff's Office... Work the southern end, uniform road patrol. Never a dull moment.
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    Police officer in Broward County, which is the county immediately north of Miami.

    I absolutely love working down here. We have great pay and benefits. And it's never a dull moment. If you want to stay very busy and experience it all, get on with a South Florida PD.

    Good luck.
  • Broward Sheriff's Office is here. 13 years. Pompano Beach District.
  • Just got my employment offer from Broward Sheriffs Office! So I'll be in very shortly!
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  • critical care paramedic here in orlando. contemplating going to the academy. :)
  • South West Florida here.. right in the middle between Ft. Myers and WPB/ Broward and Miami.
  • Winter Haven PD. 10 years.
  • Marion co Sheriff office... Almost 9 years as a co and just finished Leo school
  • Duval Co. School Police Dept. We should be hiring around 60 or so officers to work in the schools here in Jacksonville Fl.
  • Niconc1 what kind of experience do you need? And is there a web site?
  • Well I worked for both, Tampa's FTO program is by far much harded to complete, they use the S.T.E.P. program,good luck
  • i grew up in hillsborough county and want to move back to work for the SO. i currently live in ga and work for atlanta pd.
  • Ft. Lauderdale 27 years (retired )
  • FL State Probation Officer working in Lake Co.
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