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Shift Preference

What is everyone's favorite shift to work? When I got hired I was on the swing shift which is 1800-0200 on my dept except weekends in the summer when it changes to 1900-0300. Now I'm on 2300-0700 and love it


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    Nights definitely have the most action. Suck for family life though. Second shift probably the best for both action and some family time in my Department. It differs in time district to district (precinct, station etc...) but is somewhere around 1400-0000
  • How do the shift rotations work and do you have shift bids?
  • If I were a bachelor, second shift would be my preferred watch. However, it's my least favorite because I never get to see my wife and kids on that watch. I'm good with either the day watch or the overnight watch
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    We have three shifts. I enjoy grave yards (2245-0730), swings are great but graves allow for more family time.
  • I love graveyards too. And I work a 4 on 2 off rotation. My brother who works the next town over works 1900-0700 with a 2 on 2 off 2 on 3 off rotation
  • Were on 12's I love the midnight shift! 6p - 6a
  • I don't think I can handle 12' brother likes it...maybe I'm just spoiled with 8's lol
  • mids 2345 -0800 best shift ever! good action and down time to type
  • Love me some 12's
  • Agree with Hammerdog.
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  • We only have to twelve hour shifts (0500-1700 and 1700-0500). I prefer the 1700-0500.
  • My department rotation is 2 on, 2 off, 3 on, and so on. And we always run the 1800-0600 12's.
  • I always preferred afternoons, in our department it was 2:30pm to 11:00pm. After 4:00 pm all the annoying brass went home and there was almost always enough going to make the time fly by.
  • any suggestion for helping stay-at-home-spouses w/3 little ones cope w/2nd shift? if so, please advise...thx
  • 2 part question; Is there anyone that has worked on 9hr shift with 5 on 3 off steady shifts and is now working 12's? was this a good switch?
  • I last worked 12's, and loved the 7pm to 7am shift. But, it was a small place and not too active as far as calls went. Mostly proactive patrols and I had no trouble staying busy.
  • I worked 8 1/2 hour shifts 4 on 2 off for 20 years and have now worked 12 hour shifts for the last 2 years. It was the best move we ever made. My first 20 years i did 13 of them on 11-7. Now i work 3p-3a with every other fri sat sun off (pitman). No child care issues and take off 2 days to be off 7!
  • 4x10 Graves...2200-0800. Plenty of calls to keep you busy in the beginning and when the drunks pass out by 4am you have plenty of time to get reports done before all of the bad drivers wreck their cars on the way to work (while you're trying to eat breakfast).
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    I'm reserve, so I get to work almost any shift I want!
  • I haven't worked the street since the early 90's but I used to love 2130 - 0630 and I was single a lot of that time so there weren't family issues. Anything similar to 1430 - 2130 is incredibly hard on family life and it takes an incredible wife/husband to deal with it. It also takes a toll on having any time with kids in school during the school year. I saw a lot of divorces with guys working those hours so you have to put a lot in to keeping the relationship going. I also worked a bunch of 1730 - 0330 and those were nice as far as being busy, time flies, but there again, I was single then. Overnights are more conducive to family life if you can't get days but I know some people just don't have a choice due to seniority. I would say put a lot of extra work in to the relationship and tell & show her/him how much you appreciate her/his patience. Make sure you don't take it for granted if you want to stay married.
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  • Well down here in a small town in South,Ga we work 12 hr shift, 6am til 6pm and 6 pm til 6 am. I love the 6 am til 6pm during the summertime..........
  • My department has the same shift 6am to 6pm 6pm to 6am. I prefer the 6pm to 6am. We catch more DUI and drugs coming into the city.
  • Been on 2300-0700 for almost four years now and I love it. I'm not too sure if I could function correctly working during the daylight hours.
  • 12 hour shifts and I love having a lot of days off. I only work 14 days in a 30 day period. I hate 8 hours!!!
  • I would lose so much money if we ever switched to 12's...
  • 12s are too long and not enough flexibility for two working spouses. 4 x 10s are the best for me. Enough time between wife's job and mine to hand kids off. Still get 3 days off. 5 x8 sucks balls. Who wants to see the public that many days in a row. But i work a large city so it may be different elswhere.
  • back when i was a city cop, i loved nights! less calls but when they do come in, its time to go to work! now, im at a college campus police, i guess days are better. out of days and nights i would choose days. boring at night. days i can pull traffic, do more with the video cameras.
  • 1800 to 0600. Love the 12's. Use to be 8 & no rhyme or reason to the schedule. Now I work 13 days a month with every other weekend off! Love it!
  • We do 2 days (0600-1800) or (0700-1900) then 2 nights 1900-0700 then 4 days off. there is a mid shift 1600-0400 that we rotate on
  • I love over-night 12s in the panama schedule. Leaves time for EJ's and college.
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  • I thought they were all a pain in the
  • My favorite shift was any shift with no one over the rank of lieutenant!
  • @Gunsmoke I hate when one of my captains is on the road, or even worse is when the chief shows up on a car stop at 0300...
  • @weed_npd193 that is exactly what I am talking about. No matter what the actual hours of the shift were, I always hated working any Monday to Friday during the day tour. Even when I made lieutenant, I still hated having to deal with them. Give me a good, honest criminal ANY day over dealing with the brass. Got a 911 call at around 0200 one shift years ago, had a man hanging, partner and I cut him down, did CPR until the squad showed. This was a hot, humid August morning. I was sweating like a pig and un buttoned a couple of buttons on my shirt, the chief, who was out drinking, heard the call and came by. He hollered at me for being out of uniform and had the watch commander put me on report. By the way, the man survived and the squad said it was only because of my partner and I. But that didn't matter to the chief, a real brasshole.
  • @Gunsmoke one night I made a traffic stop on a GMC Acadia that had 8 people in it at 0300 so 3 other units came and backed me up...then the chief shows up asking why it takes 4 people to stop one car
  • Makes you wonder if these chiefs ever worked the job at all.
  • I actually HAD a lot of respect for him, prior to this...he is a 35 year veteran of my department and worked his way up the ranks. I supported him 100% during his bid for chief...then he received the promotion, and he became a special kind of stupid
  • Graves, dog watch, 3 rd shift how ever your dept calls it, mine, I'm delta 18-06 hrs and wouldn't have it any other way!!! Working daylight is punishment for me.
  • In Ireland we do 6x 10 hour shifts then get 4 days rest period. Shifts alternate between 07.00-1700 early shift 12.00-22.00 late shift or 21.00-07.00 night shift. It's a new initiative, the jury is still out on it lots of differing opinions.
  • I enjoy my 16:00 to 02:00 in my small town. Most action of the day at that time, helps make the shift go faster. The only down fall to my shift is that we are oncall till 05:00. So the call outs at 04:45 suck.
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  • I love my shift 10-6 ....leaves me time to get stuff done and squeeze in gym time !
  • When I worked corrections, I preferred the day shift. It kept me on my toes and kept me busy. Graveyard shift at the facility was too lax for me and fellow officers would nap while on duty, and not keep an eye on officers making rounds.
  • Nights. More activity, time goes by faster. Chiefs and city council are usually in bed and not looking over your shoulder, second guessing you. We rotate every 6 months so it's not so bad on family.
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