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Public Opinion of Police Officers.

Do you ever wish the public had to walk a mile your shoes?


  • Yes. And no. Somethings are better left unseen. Others can never be unseen.
  • I got to walk a mile in a cops shoes. I got to see both good and bad from the explorers program. I am extreamly great full for spending time with whom I call my brothers and sisters. I think that for some people, walking a mile in a cops shoes is great but for others, not so much.
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    Like the others have said, it is probably best that most people do not see what police officers see or deal with on a daily basis.

    Today, for example, I worked a traffic detail for one of my township's holiday events, and I pissed a few people off telling them where they had to go and where they could and could not park. Hostility just comes with the territory. People do not generally like other people tell them what to do. That's why some of us become policer officers, and others do not. I've always grown up knowing that rules are there for a reason, so I've always respected authority, thus, law enforcement is a perfect fit.

    God bless and stay safe! **==
  • There are a lot of bad cops out there. A lot of badge heavies. The problem is it takes 50 good cops to change someone's mind about cops after they've run into a badge heavy. Hopefully that viral picture of the NYPD officer giving the homeless man the $100 boots will go a long way in showing people that some cops do still understand the words "To Protect and Serve"
  • I tell my new troopies: "See that badge? It covers about 3 square inches of your chest and exactly zero percent of your ass. Your mouth can get you shot and/or killed. If that badge gets to heavy for you, you're in the wrong profession." When people insult you - it's the badge they usually have the beef with.
  • Maybe its because I've become somewhat jaded in my short time in the profession, but I always get that feeling that for the most part, the general public hates us until they screw up. Even then, we need to be wary about how we deal with certain situations otherwise, the litigious sect of said public is ready to cry wolf.
  • I sure do wish more people knew what we dealt with. I could go on for days and get off topic...

    I try to educate the public as much as I can. When I have a rider from the citizen's police academy riding with me I explain things to them to help them understand what we do what we do.
  • Lions shouldn't worry about the opinions of lambs...

    Although, on the other hand, don't swing that too far the other way. My first ever complaint against an officer as a civvie... that officer (seperate matter) had so badly ****ed up an incident a innocent member of the public died due to them failing to perform their duties properly! I have to live with it for the rest of my life...
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