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How to date a cop... ;)

Ok I know most girl love a guy in uniform but how and where do you find a really nice, good looking cop? Lol Stupid question, but it's hard!


  • There was this new police officer in town and I tried everything and anything to try and meet him, I went speeding through town trying to get pulled over. Then one day over the summer I was working with my dads construction business, and he pulls up outside to talk to my cousin, my cousin told him I thought be was cute, went on our first date and now I am happily married to him. :-) there are many if them out there. Just have to look really hard!!
  • How old are you? I'm curious because if dating a "cop" for the "grandeur" of it is disgusting. If your so interested in the "glam" of it, why not get out there and become a cop yourself....
    Ps. Hope you enjoy long days alone because hours (sometimes 70-90+hrs/week) are brutal. All depending on what occurs that day (cases, stops, pw, etc...)... Heads up.

    Drive on...
  • Silly must be a badge bunny.
  • Seems like it to me too, UAEnvy14.

    Please, Jenn, do us a favor and do NOT post stuff like this again...
  • No offense Jenn...but you should know that you have to love the man behind the badge...not love him because of the uniform. Im sure you meant well...but its disrepectful
  • My wife had seen me a few times in town while on duty-she said I looked like an a**hole. It wasn't until I pursued her that we clicked. She likes the uniform now, but she was the "anti" badge bunny.
  • Just give it up a few times.. hahaha
  • Lol! Love all yalls answers. To answer y'all questions. I'm 20 years old, I have family and friend that are cops and I have a passion for it. It's more of a want than a need when it comes to guys that are cops. I enjoy the badge but at the same time some of the best men I've met are cops. Who doesn't want a good man? ;)
    Oh and yes I will keep posting stuff like this because for one it's hurting no one and too. Love to hear what other people have to say. Nice things only. Haha
  • Haha - how about trying a dating site, Jenn!
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  • Haha oh that's not my thing... Besides there is nothing but old cops on there. Lol
  • Were not all old! Haha I was put on the road at 18 and I've been working the road for three years, I'm 21 now, and 21 ain't old lol
  • hmmm, young cop. most likely you guys will be split up in 3 to 5 years.
  • I know plenty of LEO's who would not go out with a woman they met in a traffic stop for fear of the badgefly and the mess it can create in this profession. Instead, most that I knew who had meaningful relationships either met them at ;) nurses stations, church, some through dating sites or through friends. If you are seriously looking to meet this man and not just because he is in uniform but you think he is attractive, then approach him when he is not busy and give him your phone number and ask him out to dinner at a restaurant, and not dinner at your house or he will think your a badgefly. Good luck on getting the man you want.
  • Who would be split up in 3 to 5 years? Lol I met my wife in school, we have been together for 6 years, on our own will, we have no kids, just each other, she is a LPN nurse :)
  • Lol ok 21 isn't old. ;) Your an exception. Haha
  • Ok, sorry but your a badge bunny. How about expressing your passion for the badge by becoming a fellow police man rather than going out with one for the badge
  • Haha no I'm sorry sweetheart!! I'm not.. Like I said before I have friends and family that are cops and I grew up around it. So it's natural to like something you grew up around. That might be the norm, but not for this girl!!
  • Do you eat carrots and have floppy ears
  • I met my wife at 17, became a cop at 19 and got married at 19. Just retired at 55 with a loving wife of 36 years and a 29 year old son. I am the man I am, not because I was a cop, but in spite of being a cop! The love of a good family saw me through the horrors and nightmares of police work. PTSD yup, injuries hell yes. Thank god for pensions and financial planning! Not all men are good men not all cops are good cops, but good cops are good men and good men make good cops! Work safe live well and enjoy life!
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  • tfcmcgran no I'm not!
    Dj aww that's really sweet! And yes I agree.
  • Is it just me or does this site attract badge bunnies?
  • I don't know, never looked around.. I know I'm not one so obviously attracts all kinds.
  • I have several friends who are in law enforcement. Both male and female. Each one of them say it is hard for them to date because so many people hold them either high on a mountain or low on the totem pole. There is a rare happy medium between them and a good person who can understand and handle the odd long hours. The constant interruptions of every day life. AND the mentality of an officer who just came off a hard case. If I was not already married, I would date a cop. I've lived around them most of my 45 years. They are normal people with normal feelings that do normal every day mundane things. It is an insult to both the human behind the badge and the uniform to think that only a good looking, nice cop is all that is wanted. Take a hard look at what you said Jenn. There is way more to a "cop". He/she has a heart, a brain, and yes, even a uniform.
  • The uniform may be uncomfortable, but a male officer looks incredibly desirable in it..... just my opinion.
  • Haha I totally agree!!
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    Without commenting on your comment Jenn, I will say that for too many young (as in age) cops, a girl looking for a relationship based on the badge can seem incredibly attractive initially. They will see all of your virtues and none of your flaws, will be incredibly supportive of everything you do, will always want to hear about your day, etc. However, if their "love" is predicated upon your status as a LEO, then like anything else, it is conditional, and that will rarely if ever last. What happens if you are hurt on the job and can no longer be a LEO? What happens if you decide to leave law enforcement and become an accountant? Will they still love you and treat you the same way? I say this like I am an old fart... I am 28, but I have seen the same thing in both military and LE.
  • So what's the term for a male badge bunny, Im a cop and it's funny how guys are...I keep hearing badge buck or holster sniffers.
  • Wannabe lol
  • edited 4 Jan 2013
    haha! Men are dazzled by a badge, but also intimidated, I'd rather have them intimidated, not really into dating the men I come into contact with at work. lol
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  • Oh you mean you dont deal with the best men society has to offer at work? What?!? If you listen to the media EVERYONE we come into contact is a great person and is getting their life in order
  • Haha your right ill start taking a better view from now on! ;)
  • See you just expanded your pool of eligible bachelors
  • edited 4 Jan 2013
    I did indeed, I'm so lucky! But...I think I'm gonna pass on the badge bucks lol
  • Lmao y'all crack me up.. As I've said so many times, but I'll say again. I'm not a badge bunny. Which is funny but some girls like cops, some girls like fire fighters, some girls like other proffessions. It doesn't matter!! I've dated state troopers and sherriffs.. Guess what all those are exs now.. For a reason!
  • I couldn't imagine dating myself, haha the cop in me anyway. Guess that's prob why I haven't dated a cop.
    I think it's the confidence officers, fire fighters, men in uniform have that's an attractive quality.
  • #-o If it looksw like rabbit, jumps as rabbit then it is rabbit! I might be new here, but badge bunny season seems to be in full swing.
  • edited 4 Jan 2013
    Buck bunny season is as well, damn rabbits! ;)
  • Avoid them all... I was told when i got hired that the 3 bs will ruin your career badege booze and bit.... For you women officers make it bbd...
  • It used to be hilarious to watch my coworkers get hit on during traffic stops by females. One rookie awhile back looked at girl and told her he was gay. Oh those were days. But in all seriousness, its just a human wearing that uniform. Nothing else.
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    It's the funniest thing to me when women get disappointed when they see me get out of the dammit! Haha. They were so hoping for a male officer.
    Guys will hit on me sometimes on duty, but they seem to be a lot more confident when I'm not in uniform
  • Geez. I guess if you want to date a LEO you have to show you are trustworthy and be able to guarantee the relationship will never interfere with his/her job.
  • That's a good point.
  • It is hard to date a LEO. I am know that first hand, I have dated a few and it is hard. Some not all but some of them used that iniform to get things that he could have gotten at home out there if you know what i mean. I have friends and family who are LEO's and I have nothing but respect for them but when you break a girls heart just for a piece of. ...... then thats where i draw the line.
  • Well, I found a Marine in uniform and then he became a LEO. I get all the uniforms from both now!! Thank You E-Harmony!!
  • You want to date someone who wont be home on time, court on days off, LOW pay, called in on on days off and other holster sniffers asking the SAME thing you are?
  • I'm not married or dating and part of that is because of my job as an LEO. It takes up so much time. I respect the men and women who are married to LEO' takes a special person to love and be understanding of our careers.
  • This is a ridiculous.
  • Yes it is very hard to date a cop, but at the same time it's a hell of a lot of fun! I've dated a few myself and it's not as bad as y'all have put it! Also my best friend is married to a cop for 8 years. We still have fun hanging out and going on trips together and it's not all that bad!
    The cops I've dated and the one my best friend married.. They work half the year! How hard is that? It's not at all hard.
  • You start out saying it's very hard to date a cop and end up saying it isn't hard at all? Are you unhinged or something? Also, what kind of a cop only works half the year? And what's so fun about dating a cop? You're a deranged individual who sees dating a police officer as giving you some sort of bragging rights. You say time and time again that you're not a badge bunny, yet everything that comes out of your mouth (keyboard?) only serves to further confirm that you are. I'm starting to think you're deranged and maybe a wee bit dangerous
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