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Most Rewarding Experience?

What is the most rewarding thing that has happened to you as an LEO?


  • Learning to talk a bit of American Sign Language from a deaf two-year-old and his mom.
  • My most rewarding moment happened off duty. I was visiting my parents when my dad noticed smoke coming from the house next door. The people who lived there had a little store a block away and were usually there this time of day. I told my dad to let them know, and I would just go check the house quickly to make sure no one was there. I got inside and heard crying, their 7 yo daughter had come home early from school sick. House was full of smoke, I crawled to the sound of her crying, found her and got her out. Afterwards, as I was sitting there, covered in soot and coughing, the girls father came over to me, without saying a word and sat down, put his arms around me, hugged me tight and cried. After he was all cried out, still hugging me, he very quietly said to me, "God bless your parents for having you, thank you for letting me still have my daughter". That was in 1988, and I got a Christmas card from every year until he passed, now they come from his daughter.
  • Got to do a ride-along for a terminally ill child whose life dream was to be a cop. We ran exercises the whole shift so he could get a taste of what we did. Kid was on the edge of his seat the entire time. Had to fight back tears the entire time.
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