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Good morning!

I'm a 28 year veteran who is currently unemployed due to small town mayor and council dismissed me from service without giving due cause, or even a reason. 25 years at my last department, with 11 as Chief of Police.

I start part time for another agency later this week.

Glad to be here on the forum!


  • Good luck to you Lawman!
  • Wow that's not right!!!
  • Good luck to you Lawman. When God closes one door, he opens another. I hope your new agency realizes how lucky they are to have you.
  • Know how that one goes, been there done that with the small town politics Lawman.
  • Hello from North Alabama, Lawman.
  • Hi Nate17,

    I'm in North Alabama as well...the Shoals area.
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  • Welcome, Lawman! I'm just down the road from you in Winston County, lol!
  • Lawman, I have seen same thing happen way too many times here in Geraldine since 1982. Sorry to hear that but best of luck.
  • Haleyville Al here..
  • Thin Blue Line Decals at
  • God bless you
  • Good luck Lawman from Baldwin County. Keep your head up and God will help you through this difficult time.
  • I love being in law enforcement but I hate the politics of it. Good luck on your new job!
  • I too love the career but HATE the politics. I had several uncles in LE from Lawrence County when I was a kid, and my grandfather was a Police Offficer in Chickasaw...decided to give it a into the field 12 years ago and haven't looked back. Good luck from Shelby County!
  • Lawman, if we could just fight the criminals we would be ok .. It's getting shot from behind by " friendly " fire that causes so much distress on the job... I had in 25 and that was enough.. High B.P., and all the B.S... I miss the cop part but NOT being the target.. Hang Tight Brother... Ret.-Lt. S. Ala..
  • Thanks all,

    Been my new department for almost a year. Love the personnel, but at 55 years of age, night shift sucks badly. Still, I love the job.
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