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Do you carry off duty? Why or why not?

Do you carry your gun off-duty? Is it a good or bad thing? What are your thoughts/opinions?


  • There are two things I never do, go to work without a vest, leave the house without a gun. I carry all the time, even to church. You never know when you will need to protect yourself or your family..
  • I never even owned a gun prior to working in law enforcement. Now, after seeing all I have seen, I wouldn't go anywhere without it!
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    I'm now retired, but I still care plus I'm a NRA Certified Instructor for basic pistol plus teach for CCW. I carried both on duty and off duty. It was required by our department to carry off duty. I though it wise of them since we had the Impact Program where we had take home cars that were assigned to us. It would have pretty stupid driving around in a mark unit without a side arm. There were a few times I was thankful for having my side arm with me while off duty. Heck, I even carry in my home...
  • Always. Even at home. 28 years as a cop...I've seen too much to not carry.
  • Always carry off duty!

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    I live and work near one of thee deadliest cities in the country. I do not go anywhere with out a weapon. You never know what's gonna happen. I've had someone try and sell me dope at a gas station.
  • I will not leave home without it. I do not want to run into the thugs I deal with every day when I am on my way to church or even at church these days with my family and regret for the rest of my life not having mine on me. Better to have it and not need it I always say.
  • I've always considered it a thin line between prudence and paranoia. That said, in my opinion, it would be the height of IMprudence to not carry a weapon in this day and age. The shooting of Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords happened just a couple of miles from my home. The little girl who was killed went to the same elementary school I did. That all hit just a little too close to home, and ONE off duty police officer in that crowd with a concealed weapon could likely have saved several lives. That incident was the clincher for me. Since then, I have always carried off duty, and I always will. I am in 100% agreement with withers3598: always better to have it and not need it than vice-versa!
  • I became a police officer in 1968 after returning from Vietnam. I saw more combat on the streets of New York than I ever did in war. I carried on and off duty and though retired now I carry everywhere. You can take the person out of the job but it's almost impossible to take that "job" out of the person.
  • Always carry, I have too many turds I have met and jailed not too carry.
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  • I have seen and done to much not to carry always..You never know when you will need it.
  • Yes I carry. You may not remember every arrest you've made but I can assure they will remember you. When that happens I certainly hope you are prepared for that meeting. Carry on and carry safe.
  • Retired now, but still carry anytime I leave the house. Never know who/what I might run into after a 43 yr. career on the streets.
    Always carried off duty.
  • Like most of the others, I also carry even though I'm retired now, and I will continue to do so as long as I can still pass the yearly qualifications. I'm a firm believer in "better to have it and not need it, than to need it and not have it."
  • Retired and again Active. I carry at all times. As mentioned above, it's better to have it and not need it, then to need it and not have it. What a shame it would be if I could have made a difference and was unable to due to not carrying.
  • 25+ yrs active. Retired almost that long. This white-haired old lady will have a surprise for anyone who wants to get cute. Live on 5 acres and have my own range.
  • Retired now... but when I was on the job I carried off duty all the time. I sold my guns a while need. At some point though, I would like to get one I can carry again.
  • Always carry off duty.
  • We are only licensed whilst "on duty" so dont carry away from work, if I am working at an "on call" station my firearm comes home with me but stays locked up until I geta call out.
  • Been retired now for seven years. Still carry all the time.
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  • You don't want to be paranoid, but its important to be prepared. If you're in your jurisdiction, you might be recognized and it's good to have your firearm. I can't tell you how many times I've been out for a run and had situations come up and I wished I had a duty belt on! The local grocery store has started to get some odd customers after 9 pm, and that's about the only time I can stop and shop, so I always carry.
  • Carried OFTEN before I was a LEO.....carry ALWAYS now that I am.
  • I always carry off duty and will even when I retire at the end of this year.
  • I never leave my house without a firearm nearby,,, in todays day and time you're foolish to keep thinking it'll never happen to me,,, Stay Safe my Brother's and Sister's in Blue
  • I agree, my family is mine to protect. In today's crazy world you can't predict where next case of violence will come from or from whom.. At first my wife didn't understand , always asking why I had gun with me? Now we have 3 yr old and she makes sure I have it with us now.
  • Hey Everyone! Hope everyone is being safe out there. I'm not a LEO, but I am EMS. Anyways, I reside in MN where the CCW permit is in effect, BUT, you see "Guns are Banned on premise" almost everywhere. That includes hospitals. SO, that being said, have you had any issues with carrying concealed off duty? Carrying after retirement? What about the MN LEOs out there?
  • One place you'll never see a "no firearms" sign is at Walmart. Walmart's corporate policy is to allow whatever is legal in the state. Walmart is good for America!
  • carry all the time it's getting nut's out there
  • Absolutely carry off duty. I've seen prior arrests offduty several times. I have family across the county and utilize LEOSA a lot too.
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  • I carry because espescially in a small town you run into people you have put in jail and you see way too much to not carry concealed off duty. You never know when you might need to protect yourself. Just always ask if what you are about to do will cause more harm then good. Just know that LEO make the best eye witnesses.
  • Retired, but after 25 years of habit, I still consider carrying my gun as much a part of my day as getting dressed or eating. Never without my firearm. You just never know.
  • Absolutely!! I bathe with my weapon!! LOLOL!
  • Uspp536, I hope it's a!
  • The only time I don't have a gun on my side is when I lay down in the bed and then it is in arm's reach, along with a few more item's.
  • Rather have it and not need it then to need it and not have it
  • Always, 24-7.
    Better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it.
  • It's a jungle out there. I am a cop in the Air Force and we have a large civilian population that works on base. In 17 years, I have had my life threatened, people tell me they were going to kill my family, burn down my house, beat the hell out of me if they ever saw me off the base, etc. Most of those are iritated and talking out their rear end. But, there has been more than once just the fact of carrying off duty has gotten me out of what could have been bad situations. I carry every day, everywhere. If you don't have it on you, you can't use it to defend yourself or your family. Rock on brothers and sisters of the badge. Witchdoctor-OUT
  • If you walk out of the house without your gun don't forget to take a deep breath and go "Baaaaa!"
  • I always carried off duty you have a duty to act. Now as I retired Detective I still carry almost most of the time it depends 9 out of 10 times when I go out I carry my gun.
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    Always carry. Better to have it and not need it, than need it and not have it.
  • Never leave home without my G27 hid somewhere on me. Can't afford not to. To many times when I'm out I see people I've arrested before. Just to dangerous not to carry.
  • I took an oath to protect a city full of people I don't know. What kind of ass doesn't afford the same to their loved ones?
  • bill51773, well put.
  • yep way to many idots out there
  • Carry all the time. Two reasons 1.) you never no when you might need it.
    2.) Department requires that I carry all the time.
  • All the time!
  • Always 24/7 better safe then sorry
  • I hardly carry off duty.
  • Not allowed to carry off duty in Sweden...
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