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Law Enforcement families.

I'm not sure if this has been talked about but I am a bit curious. How many of you guys and gals have other immediate family in law enforcement? I have 6 sons and a daughter and 3 of the boys are LE. One in Georgia, two in North Carolina. It's funny that we are in the same profession but how much our job descriptions and department expectations vary. How about everyone else?


  • I am pretty sure I am the only one in my family on this side of the law..... Now the other side, that is a different story..
  • Me, my wife, two of her brothers, one of her sisters, a brother inlaw,all local and county LEO's. two cousins, one FBI and one ATF. Our oldest son starts the academy next month and our youngest daughter will be going on the job when she graduates college.
  • Gunsmoke, that's got to be some kind of record. Can you imagine what kind of picture that would make? Wow! Congratulations.
    Warden, Yeah, ours is a lot like that too. I remember my Dad's reaction all those years ago. It wasn't pretty but he came to like the idea after a while. lol
  • Thanks oldschool. Unfortuneately that pic cant be taken, one of her brothers and her sister have passed. Wife, brother in law and my self are retired now. Cousins are still active. We are just passing on the baton now. Very proud of them both. Oh, and my sons best friend, who has been around the family for 20 years and even lived with us (he is our adopted son, practically) is starting the academy with my son, so add another on a technicality.
  • Me, my dad, and my uncle are all in law enforcement and my grandfather has retired form it also.
  • My hubby and brother are county. Another brother is State. Brother-in-law is city. Multiply "adopted" brothers are state and county!
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