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Question for retired LEO's.

If you're retired and still carry your firearm under HR218, do you still carry handcuffs or restraints with you?


  • No, I usually keep a pair in my car.
  • edited 13 Feb 2013
    Most of the guys around here don't. I won't when I retire.....soon.
  • No I don't. I gave my pair of handcuffs, that I carried all 32yrs. of service, to my niece when she graduated the Police Academy.
  • Ceres109 - fantastic gesture. Passing on the tradition. I intend to keep on carrying cuffs when retired. I don't want to bother buying new carry gear :)
  • Note of caution here HR 218 allows you to carry but some states prohibit some types of ammo NJ being one so they bag you for prohibited ammo.
  • Most retired I know that carry don't carry cuffs. I keep a set in my vehicle and at home. Never know when you might decide not to shoot.
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