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She's a cop do I still have to protect her????

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My husband asked me this question when I was 1st hired as a LEO. "Now that your the man do I still have to protect you?"
The question took me by storm, being that I am in a position of authority doesn't mean I no longer need or want my husband to protect me.

Are men less likely to feel the need to protect their woman, wife, or girlfriend if they are LEO's???


  • A real man would feel the need to protect his family no matter what they did for a living....#justsayin
  • I agree. A man should instinctively feel responsible for your protection. It's how we're hardwired. Just like how women are hardwired to be nurturers. That said, a real man also wouldn't feel threatened if you show you can take care of yourself. As a trained professional, you are essentially a warrior, if faced with a situation where your man was going to get his ass kicked I'm sure your training would kick in and you would save his ass. And if that happens, he better be grateful. My wife isn't in the business, but she was a high school sexual assault victim and when I met her in our twenties she had become quite accomplished in the art of self defense. She used to brag about all the guys' asses she could kick. I thought it was sexy.

    But just like we're hardwired to be protectors, ladies are hardwired to be protected. I'm convinced that my wife, who was essentially Elektra when I met her, fell in love with me because she couldn't take me in a wrestling match. I love that she can take care of herself when I'm not around, and even though when I'm with her I take point in a scuffle, I also like knowing that if things really went south my woman could back me up. And if the situation is too much for both of us, I still have Old Faithful on my hip. Hope I didn't ramble too much.
  • "Are men less likely to feel the need to protect their woman, wife, or girlfriend if they are LEO's??? "

    Not real men.
  • All men (the real and good ones that is) instinctively want to protect everyone, women, children, other men (especially if they are smaller than us and/or being picked on). That being said, my wife was also a LEO and very capable of taking care of herself and my daughter is going to be a LEO and she is being taught how to handle herself. And she is dating a marine who has no problem with it.
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    I think even the small amount of responses answers your question very well. I'm a female, I work in law enforcement, and I am a martial artist. It is obvious that I could protect myself should the situation arise, but it's still great to know that a man would be there in a heartbeat to protect me. As the guys have said, it's in their nature.
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    Thanks for all the comments. I couldn't agree more a real man wouldn't have a problem with their mate being able to protect themselves, but would be more than willing step up as needed to protect not only his mate but his family without a question.

    My husband is a good and honorable man & I honestly think that his question was harmless and he was only trying to get a rise out of me. But the overall truth is that there are some men that true believe that just cause their mate is a LEO that she doesn't need to be protected and that so not true.
  • Yeah, I'm sure your husband was making a joke. I actually meant to include that in my original comment, but got caught up in my tangent. But I'm sure if you needed him he'd be there
  • In short, YES
  • Yes, yes and oh yeah.....yes.
  • If he is a civilian he may be a little intimidated by your position in life. As L.E.Os. people perceive us as a dominate force. Just our mere presence on a scene constitutes the first step in the force continuum. People are mesmerized by our guns because to them it is a constant reminder that we may use them to take human life when we feel the necessity. We lose sight of that which is why we have A.Ds. killing vehicles, squad room clocks and other unintended helpless things. We are as used to a gun as a teacher is to a pencil.. Just a thought.. Hope it works out for the best..
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  • Fact that your husband said that shows he is a "little jealous" it seems or feels less cause your a LEO....Maybe I am wrong with my opinion even...but I feel a ''MAN'' should protect women and children In a second if they need help!!! Like above posts, I agree that ''MEN'' are suppose too and it is in their nature to protect people anyway even if a women Is a LEO that should not matter at all!!!

    Think you ''HUSBAND'' needs to except the fact that your a LEO and still protect you if needed..That should be common sense I would think...
  • Short answer is YES. It is a guys natural instinct to protect his partner and he is not released from that responsibility just because she carries a badge and gun. Naturally, because of our training, we can make it difficult but I can assure you that the effort does not go unnoticed.
    Thee real challenge is finding a happy medium. That is something each couple will have to work out on their own.
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