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I recently joined the Law Enforcement program at the local community college here in Minnesota (that is how they do the academy from what i gather and am told up here), and I have noticed that a lot of my friends do not "appreciate" my stance on some issues. I know that this happens a lot from what our instructors have told us in class, and I was wondering how do y'all deal with this. It kind of sucks, and yet the only people who seem to understand my pov are my buddies who are active law enforcement right now. Just wondering how everyone else deals with backlash whether it is from the community, relatives, and friends.


  • CB84: When I went on the job way back in the 1970's I was told if you want to be liked, quit now and become a fireman. A bit old and hokey maybe, but it is basically true. We don't do this job to get liked. We do it it because it is a calling. We are hard wired differently. We are the 10% that run TO the problem, not the 90% that run away. The only reward we get is the personal satisfaction of helping the world keep from sinking any deeper into the madness and evil on any given day. Those who do like us are the brothers and sisters who do the same job and understand us. If this is what you really want to do, don't let the disapproval of your past keep you from the success of your future. Good luck.
  • Don;t talk "shop" with everyone. Only people who want to hear your side. If they have their mind made up forego the conversation for another. Hell don;t talk too much shop outside the job anyway. It'll degrade your morale.
  • Most people will disagree with you. Other LEO's or public safety officials will usually agree with you. You will find in the future you are hanging around more and more LEO's and less with the "general public". Just part of the job. Try your best to avoid the topics you know they wont like your position on. Good luck with your career.
  • Thanks for the info everyone. The bs hasn't deterred me from joing the brotherhood, i found it kind of pansy on their part because these are people whom I have known for 10 plus years. I guess growing up in a military family, and my cousin marrying a cop I have just gotten use to that conversation being normal. Looks like I got a lot to learn, but I am understanding why it is such a close knit group, and it's not a bad thing.
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