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Denver Police Officer Shot during Traffic Stop, in Critical Condition.


A Denver police officer was shot multiple times during a traffic stop Tuesday morning, prompting a manhunt and closing several schools in the area, authorities said.

The Denver Police Department reported that the officer, later identified as Antonio Lopez Jr., was taken to a hospital in critical condition. Shortly before 1 p.m. local time, the police said on Twitter that Lopez’s condition was “critical but stable.”

Police officers were scouring northwest Denver for a suspect, and it was unclear if this shooting was related to anything else in the region, the department said.

A person of interest — a “possible suspect” with an apparent gunshot wound to the leg — was taken into custody a short time before 2 p.m. local time, police reported. Authorities continued to search the area after that person had been found, they said.

The chief of police had told reporters it was possible the person who opened fire was involved in a bank robbery and carjacking before the shooting.

Multiple schools are within several blocks of where police said the shooting occurred. The students were all safe, the school system reported, but several schools were locked down due to the search.

The Denver public school system said that four schools — an elementary school, a middle school and a high school, along with a dual-language school for toddlers and elementary-aged students — were initially locked down due to the nearby police activity.

That was shifted at the four schools from a lockdown to a lockout, which is typically when there is a possible threat or danger outside of the school rather than inside. Other schools were also locked out as well while the search continued.

A short time after police said they had a potential suspect in custody, all schools were cleared from the lockout and all students were declared safe, the school system said.

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