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Hello everyone, My name is Shang Rippy. I am new to this site and have been in Law enforcement for 15 years. I work in a small town in Tennessee. Great to meet everyone.


  • Hi Folks. I'm Spenc. I also just joined. My part in Law Enforcement comes from the volunteer side; as well as the other end of the mic...I current serve as a Communications Supervisor in Arlington, VA. I've been involved in Public Safety since 1982. I spent about 19 years in uniform as an Auxiliary Officer and as a Reserve Deputy; and I'm still going as a dispatcher.
  • Welcome Srippy131 and welcome Spenc139
  • New here too!
  • I'm new here too! My uncle is an Officer in Lima, Ohio. And my boyfriends family has law enforcement in it as well. Nice to meet all of you.
  • Hi, new here. Been a Deputy for 15 years.
  • Howdy Srippy.
  • Hello- i'm unable to be a LEO due to physical limitations HOWEVER still am involved in
    in law enforcement though voluntering...
  • Welcome everyone!!
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    Hello Everyone !! This is my first time posting. My husband was a Trooper, but died unexpectedly of a massive heart attack a few months ago. I dispatched for almost ten years, but quit to raise our children. Just wanted say Hi !
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  • Welcome jean6183. My condolences on your loss. May God Bless you and your family.
  • Thank you !
  • Hi...don't know if I posted here yet or not but....retired after 27 years on the beat....whoa; was that a
  • New here too, this site was recommended by a friend. Hubby is in his 17th week of a 28 week Academy. pray for us! lol
  • Helloooooo! New Orleans police officer here. 4 years on a life sentence :)
  • New to site. Working for a mountain area sheriffs department in Colorado for almost 2 years now. Good to be here brothers. Stay safe
  • New here too. waiting for ok to go back to work after having cancer twice in one year also just got over Anxiety with panic attacks do to a work related incident a year before cancer. Would been 13 years but just 8 years working with the past 5 being on disability
  • Hi Im new to the site. I am a Crossing Guard for Nassau County Police Dept. Kristina
  • Good morning all. I am Wayne. I retired a year ago from a small town on South Shore of Massachusetts after 31 1/2 years on the job. It was an interesting career. As I said in my retirement speech, "my blood runs blue" as a second generation cop and one of 3 brothers in law enforcement.
  • Good morning all I am a Deputy with the Montgomery County Sherriffs Office just outside oh Houston, Texas. I have been a Deputy got 6 years now.
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  • Morning everyone! I 'm new here also today, and will have been in law enforcement for 31 years on 9 February of this year. :-h
  • Hey everyone! I am a police officer at a hospital.. Been there for two years now. A single mother of four boys and separated after 11 years.. It didn't take long for my husband to hate being married to a LEO.. :( I enjoy my job for the most part but I'd rather be on the road!! And I will one day!! :)
    stay safe out there!!!
  • Hey all new also to this forum , corrections officer in TN, nice to meet you all
  • Hello everyone! I'm new here too. Presently in my last semester of college, will be graduating in May with a BS in Justice and Law Administration with my focus in Law Enforcement. Currently in 4 hiring processes with departments up here in CT. Just hoping for employment at a local department once I'm finished with college.
  • Hello all! My name is Will. I am a Federal Law Enforcement Officer in South Dakota,but been in FLEO for about 7 years. Nice to join this site.

    Be safe everyone,and God Bless.
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    Hello everyone. I'm new to the site. Nice to meet you all. Police Officer in Illinois and proud Army veteran. Stay safe out there.
  • South GA police officer for over 25 years at the same department. Glad to be here with America's finest!
  • Hey all, I am a current student in our areas Law Enforcement program (the equivalent of academies in Minnesota). I look forward to serving, and thanks for allowing us new guys/gals to be a part of the community and learn from you more experienced guys/gals.
  • Hello--I am Tommy. Auxiliary Police Officer with New York's Finest!
  • Hey--I'm Ashley. I am in my last semester of College for an Associate's Degree In Criminal Justice Technology. I'm in the hiring process with Raleigh, North Carolina Police Department and hope to be starting Basic Law Enforcement Training In August. :)
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  • Hi Ashley. My daughter has two more years to go to get her Bachelors in CJ at Mt. olive here in NC and plans to work here too. Not sure where she will go yet, but we have a friend who just retired from Raliegh who wants her to go there. And my oldest son starts the state academy in NJ in a few days.
  • That's awesome. Yes, I like Raleigh a lot. The City is great and the police department seems to have it together. I don't live there but my boyfriend is from there and plans to work with the State Bureau of Investigation in Raleigh. So hopefully I will get through the hiring process, pass the academy. Gook luck to your son and daughter on that, and maybe one day she might decide to go with Raleigh and I'll be working there!
  • Hey all, I'm Wesley, Was a Deputy for Clearwater County in Idaho for a year before I broke my knee on duty. How are ya'll doing? And god bless all my brothers and sisters out there serving
  • Well Just like everyone else that has posted before me, I have just joined this site, I have been a Police Officer in KCK since Feb of 1995.
  • Hi I'm Jenn. I'm a domestic/sexual violence advocate with my local shelter program. I am out-posted in 3 police departments as well as the coordinator of our lethality assessment program that includes 5 police agencies and occasionally I help out with instructing at our state's police academy. I look forward to "meeting" you all!
    Oh I almost forgot, my husband just started training for dispatch!
  • Welcome JennVT.
  • Thanks! I hope to be able to "pick your brains" a little eventually. I'm trying to put together a training for advocates on how to work better with law enforcement. I have no problem with it and love this portion of my job but others seem to have trouble with it. Personally I think it has a lot to do with them not recognizing and respecting that LEO's have a culture all their own which you need to try to work with.
    But first I'm going to hang around and learn the lay of the land. ;)
  • Hello everyone. New to this site. Medically Retired LEO of 11 years. May not wear The Badge anymore, but BLUE still runs in my veins ;)
  • Welcome Sally. Know your pain, I had to retire at 20 years due to a back injury. That was in 1999, and I still miss it. Good luck and God Bless.
  • New member here. 24 years as a leo. 3rd generation leo in Florida.
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  • North Texas SO here. I am a third generation LEO, as is my brother and a cousin. The fourth generation just entered the academy (cousins son), so I guess this will be the family business for another quarter century or so. I am the only female officer in the bunch so far, but maybe that will change too. Anyhow, I hope I can add something to the forum.
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    Hi all. I volunteer my time at our local PD as a CPAAA member. I'm glad to be here! I live in Pearland, TX.
  • Brothers and Sisters! I'm John. Now retired. Did 25 years as deputy in northern michigan and 3 years in San Angelo Texas. Miss the job. Glad to find a site for us. A warm hello to all.
  • hey all! new here myself on the dispatch side for 8 years now happy to have found this site!

    God bless of you that serve stay safe!
  • New to the site and am retired after 33 years but started up again after a 2 year break and have been going for 6 more. Guess old habits are hard to break!
  • I just wanted to say hello from Texas...I'm a night manager for a local hotel an have family in law enforcement...Just want you all to know I support what you I have your backs...Stay safe out there :)
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