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  • I just got back to this site... and this is the first forum I came across... LMAO. I literally just read all the comments... And I must say I go with popular opinion... You can't just date someone because of their profession, because you see it as …
  • @Oldschoolpolice: That is wonderful advice! A few other cops have told me to never kiss anyone's backside too and to keep my head in the job and not on flirting. I'm not looking to get a badge just to meet cops, I actually want to go out and help pe…
  • @Code23: That's really true, I have no idea why someone would do that. He couldn't have just taken his own life? @eaglewing: I met her once in passing, and she would always message the officer and squad I ride along with. It was a very sad day in …
  • The estranged husband waited in her car for her when she was picking something up at his family's house (I believe it was his family's home, not 100% sure). He shot her in the back of the head when she got in the car, and then took his own life rig…
  • That's one of the reasons I want to be a cop. lol!
  • @Warden: Wow, that's still cool though. Hopefully the trucker made it out all right. lol @MP8: That cracks me up! His cousin? hahaha! I lived close to Alabama, in Pensacola. I saw some interesting folks up there. lol
  • That's hilarious! See, with this job, you guys cant make things up that crazy. That's how wild the job is. I love it.
  • Must start running like crazy! I've been focusing on push ups, and I think I'll really get into running here soon. I hadn't focused on it yet, but I have about a year until I go to the academy, so I think I have time. I'm 5'6" and 136lbs and I hav…
  • Oh wow, where do I begin? hahaha! Thanks so much for all the feedback, from what I'm reading Cardio is important and running a certain couple of miles is important. I'll definitely work on running, I need it. But I'm a girl, and I find the milita…
  • I love it! Thanks for sharing, hahaha it definitely made me laugh. Great story of a successful LEO family.
  • @Gunsmoke: Thats great that she chose that, and I'm happy for her! I'm really looking to do patrol when/if I get hired. I've been doing a ton of ride alongs, and now I just have to be a good intern. lol! @I_d_b_85: Thank you!
  • Thank you! I know there is never enough preparation for a job in Law Enforcement, so I really will use this as a learning experience.
  • I'm an intern with the police department, going to try to get hired hopefully sometime in the next year. Hello from Tampa!
  • @Wacky: That seems to be good advice from what all these people have told me. Sarge tells me the same thing, lol (even though I'm only an intern). He tells me keep it out of the department unless you want everyone all in your business all the time. …
  • A good friend of mine is an FTO, his trainee showed up drunk and without his gun to work... I imagine that's something to look out for. lol!
  • Aha thats quite a point of view! I think dating outside your department seems to be a common response. Thats how I would picture my relationship if I get hired. Lots of gossip and advice. I'd never let anybody hold me down, I'm determined to get h…
  • @j63: I hear ya! Good ideas! I'm not too concerned about the people skills, because I'm a tour guide at an exotic animal rescue center, and I'm used to speaking to crowds of people and enforcing the rules of the sanctuary. I'm a decent writer, but…
  • Yeah, I dont think it's worth getting hit by a drunk driver. Plus, I know a lot of the guys who work in downtown, so it'd be super awkward if I ran into one of them while carrying a drunk friend of mine out of a club. lol
  • Thanks! I appreciate it, will do!
  • I really hope so! I just got my internship (selected one of 10 selected from over 60 applicants), and I'm totally stoked about it! I can't believe I got picked!
  • @astpd: I totally forgot about that! My parents jobs are the same way, can't have a spouse over each other (air traffic control). I didn't even think of that... thanks for pointing it out. It seems that it's just up to the individuals. Some people e…
  • Oooh wow, yeah, my buddies went out, but I didn't want to babysit a bunch of drunk people. lol Since I'm 20, I'm always DD.
  • Holy crap I did. lol There is an apartment complex here that only caters to rapists/predators, well, they can't have visitors after 9pm. So at like 9:30, a woman who works there asks a predator that doesnt live there to leave, he tells her to fuck …
  • Haha hope you had a great and SAFE night! Not too insane hopefully! lol
  • @rahijo: Wow... lol Sorry to hear that, but I suppose it wont work for everyone.
  • @Demi: I agree, it's always great seeing success stories. I suppose it's just that not all of copxcop relationships can work. 7 years is a long time too! @Whitey: That's so great for you guys, You can't constantly see each other or you might go po…
  • That's good to hear, Hope they stick it out! Gotta love the success stories! haha
  • Oh I agree, I'm not out looking for cops to date, I was just curious about what everyone thought about it. Thank youuu! lol
  • @JackWebb: Really? That's interesting that you wish that. I mean... there are some pretty attractive cops out there. lol!
  • @LSA: I think its hard to meet people outside your job. It's just where you meet everyone when you go to a new place to a new job. That's really awesome that you guys have made it, I imagine it was challenging at times. @weed_npd: Yeah, I imagine…

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