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  • Got to do a ride-along for a terminally ill child whose life dream was to be a cop. We ran exercises the whole shift so he could get a taste of what we did. Kid was on the edge of his seat the entire time. Had to fight back tears the entire time.
  • Dont usually watch COPS but watched an episode where the patrolman had a prostetic leg and chase a perp through a neighborhood and over several fences. Once he caught the perp, the perp looked down and shook his head. The officer asked why he was …
  • I pulled over a guy for susp of DUI. Once he failed the SFTs, and read him his rights, I asked him why he was driving to which he responded "Man, I can't hardly walk. Driving was the only way I could make it home." After I put him in the back of …
  • It's a jungle out there. I am a cop in the Air Force and we have a large civilian population that works on base. In 17 years, I have had my life threatened, people tell me they were going to kill my family, burn down my house, beat the hell out of…
  • The Police package Chevy Tahoe is by far the best SUV for a cruiser. Sits 2 inches lower than a standard Tahoe making a lower center of gravity. Fog lights have been replaced by air channels to cool the front brakes, beefed up suspension. The 5.…
  • As a Cop in the Air Force, we get very little recognition as being LEOs. We do not just enforce the Uniform Code of Military Justice. We enforce State laws as well as Federal Laws. The only drawback is we are confined to enforcing them on the base…
  • The best thing I ever got to do was escort the remains of a fallen soldier upon return to the United States. From one service member to another....Such an Honor!
  • It doesn't matter what dept you go to. You will have office politics, rumors and lies. I agree with shadow903, If they are making up stuff, you obviously have something they want or they perceive you as a threat for their job. Give it time and br…
  • Tiker AFB, Oklahoma

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