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  • In the academy right now
  • @shadow903 that's funny cause the pd for the town I live in is a department of 1. I wonder how many small ones are out there.
  • People I have talked to are not in favor, and one is not really saying much. But wether it's civis or LEO not many people I know, who have talked about it, support it. I think I know maybe 2 people I know agree with the POTUS.
  • Thanks for the info everyone. The bs hasn't deterred me from joing the brotherhood, i found it kind of pansy on their part because these are people whom I have known for 10 plus years. I guess growing up in a military family, and my cousin marrying …
    in Backlash Comment by CB84 6 Mar 2013
  • originally from Lafayette, now live in Minnesota. I am currently going through their version of the academy right now. Looking to get in back home when I eventually move back.
  • Hey all, I am a current student in our areas Law Enforcement program (the equivalent of academies in Minnesota). I look forward to serving, and thanks for allowing us new guys/gals to be a part of the community and learn from you more experienced gu…

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