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  • When I was a cadet (teenage learning about LE) there was a volunteer program at the department. I understand the pains you are dealing with. Even as someone trying to learn about the field we were often looked down on by some officers. Although I…
  • A former co-worker placed glow in the dark condoms on a troopers car. He drove around all night with them on.
  • Most people will disagree with you. Other LEO's or public safety officials will usually agree with you. You will find in the future you are hanging around more and more LEO's and less with the "general public". Just part of the job. Try your bes…
  • I would like to do investigations. Current department does not have an investigative unit, so become the senior officer/supervisor/chief would be nice. Not hard right now since there are only two of us, neither with rank.
  • Smithton Police Department
  • I get a lot of respect and only have a small group that doesn't like me. But I know it is not me they dont like, it is the job. Usually just the ones that "didn't deserve the ticket".
  • Since you have been through a round of oral boards, you know what questions to expect. Think about how you would respond to those questions. You have time to come up with a great answer. Questions about yourself like education and background, you…
  • This is just getting out of control. CONGRESS takes away guns from the people, gun companies take away guns from the people trying to protect the public. Seems like the public just gets screwed twice and LEOs are put in even more danger. But yet …
  • I am split on the subject. On the one hand, if 18/19 yo get into our military and operate multi million dollar equipment, then why not be a LEO. But I also see the number of immature 18/19 yo out and about. Overall I say, go for it. There is tes…
  • I have worked in all. Corrections, sheriff patrol and now a police department. Like everyone else said, it all has its ups and downs. City departments, especially decent sized ones will give you more equipment and training. Sheriff's Departments…
  • Like others said, the academy will become your life, study hard, dont party until the end. Watch out for the "I know it all or been there/done that" students. Truth be told, they most likely have not and dont really know. If you can and havent at…
  • Sedalia, for Smithton Police Department.
  • Check out the central Missouri police academy Facebook page. They update a lot with many job postings. Sedalia PD should have another testing date in March/April.
  • I have the metal badge on my uniform shirt, but a patch on my jacket. I prefer it that way since I was issued just one badge. Unless it is a tactical uniform I think it should be metal badges on the uniform. I think it is more professional.
  • You will deal with office politics at any department. You know the truth, just have to brush off what you hear. If they are making stuff up, it means your good or have something they want. I know it is hard, went through the same sh*t. Hang in th…
  • I was in my local pd's cadet program and I say it was very helpful. I worked a lot with the traffic officer and hey, since I am in a small town, I do a lot of traffic enforcement. She is still a mentor to me today. Plenty can be learned from the …
  • I would write if I see one. There cant be any other reason for the radar detector in a car other than to try and avoid getting stopped.
  • I will stop at 10 over, but start writing at 15 over. School zones, if I stop, I write. My department has 2 part time officers, and myself, currently a reserve but hopefully soon, part time. The city I patrol is about 6 blocks by 6 blocks.

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